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PRUhealth critical Illness multi-care prestige
Critical Illness | Health Insurance

PRUhealth critical Illness multi-care prestige

A multi-claim critical illness protection, with 100% life cover even after a critical illness claim

Extra feature

Extra feature

Triple Extra Benefit for your child’s policy 

Includes extra 20% protection on developmental disorder and premium waiver upon death of policyholder

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Are there any value-added services available?

Yes, we offer you two value-added services.

Home Care Service

Enjoy holistic home care services to support your in-home recovery.

Once we pay your first Major Disease Benefit claim, you can access home care services provided by our designated service provider.

This benefit covers the cost of in-home support for up to HKD 20,000. Support services available include home nursing and a range of therapies such as physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. The care manager will propose a personalised care plan for the patient.

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Illness prevention with Wellness and Screening Programmes

On your second policy anniversary, you’re eligible to choose any one of our Wellness and Screening Programmes available.

These programmes are designed to help you identify potential health risks and proactively protect yourself against diseases.

Some services offered through our programmes include:

  • Atopic disease screening

  • Hepatitis B screening

  • Cancer screening

  • Vaccination programme


We may change the items in the Wellness and Screening Programmes from time to time at our sole discretion without prior notice.

Learn more about our Wellness and Screening Programmes.

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PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige is underwritten by Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”). You can always choose to take out this plan as a standalone plan without enrolling with other type(s) of insurance product at the same time, unless such plan is only available as a supplementary benefit which needs to be attached to a basic plan. This document does not contain the full terms and conditions of this plan and is for reference only. It does not represent a contract between Prudential and anyone else. You should read carefully the risk disclosures and key exclusions (if any) contained in this brochure. For further details and the full terms and conditions of this plan, please ask Prudential for a sample of the policy document.

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