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Listen to your mind to fight against the virus

The pandemic has hit the city for over 3 months. We are all facing new challenges - from searching for masks, enhancing household and personal hygiene, to adapting new normal of working routine or even performing self-quarantine.

When fear and anxiety turn to an intense condition in long run, it may lower one’s ability to cope with crisis and result in low mood, insomnia, anger, says Hong Kong Red Cross. The information flow is much higher and instant than the SARS period in 2003, it is important to maintain a good physical health not at the expense of mental wellness. Below are some tips to understand and manage a healthy mind:


  • Fact-check any news you receive from different places against more trustworthy sources

  • Educate yourself and others with accurate information such as proper hand washing and cleaning practices, clinics and hospitals to seek help from when needed, and places to buy cleaning materials

  • Maintain your daily routine as much as possible: you can continue to engage in leisure or meaningful activities even at home, like talking to or spending time with family and pets, reading books, cooking, and doing relaxation exercises

  • Take time to acknowledge your own, normal feelings of fear and helplessness

  • Call your friends and family to keep in touch and show your care for each other


  • Do not blindly follow recommendations you receive without fact-checking, and these may lead to irrational behaviors such as excessive purchases of food and medical supplies

  • Avoid spending too much time looking for information and news, as excessive reading would only create more fear and anxiety than you already hold

  • Do not share information and news that can cause fear and confusion to yourself and others without fact-checking against trustworthy sources

  • Do not keep thoughts and feelings to yourself without sharing your concerns with loved ones.

If you are under stressed, you are encouraged to make appointment with ‘Shall We Talk’ by Hong Kong Red Cross. Professional clinical psychologist and trained volunteers would always be happy to listen to you, fighting against the virus outbreak!

(+852) 5164 5040

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Reference: Hong Kong Red Cross – Psychological Coping During Disease Outbreak

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