Prudential's New Advertising Campaign promotes "Always Listening, Always Understanding" corporate values


(Hong Kong, 3 November 2003) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ("Prudential") has launched a new advertising campaign to continue underlining its credo of listening and understanding.

When facing uncertainty, what is needed most is a sympathetic ear and sound advice. The desire to be heard is particularly overwhelming when people have no one to turn to, in which case they may feel like talking to a brick wall. The new ad campaign builds on this simple human urge to be listened to and to be heard.

In the commercial, a man appears to be talking casually to a friend about his concerns. As the camera pulls back, the viewer sees that he is in fact talking to a wall. There are many people around him who are doing the same. For them, they are not listened to, their concerns not heard, their concerns unaddressed. The commercial delivers a message on Prudential's values of always listening to and understanding its customers with empathy.

Mr. Ken Ng, Marketing Director of Prudential, said, "At different stages of their life, our customers have different needs. We provide our customers with professional advice and financial solutions which caters for their specific circumstances. We can only do this by listening to our customers. Our new commercial is an expression of this belief."

Prudential's new commercial can be seen on television and at MTR stations, maximising the reach of Prudential's message of "Always Listening, Always Understanding". 

The new corporate commercial describes city dwellers, having no one to hear them, feeling as if they are speaking to a wall.

The brand new Prudential MTR commercial conveys the message of "Always listening" in a creative manner.