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What is “PRU For You”?

PRU For You is an online interactive community, designed exclusively for our valued customers to share ideas and suggestions so that we can continue to improve our products, services and marketing activities.

Why does Prudential launch “PRU For You”?

At Prudential, we believe that listening to our customers is a vital part of our business. 

PRU For You enables us to engage our customers’ valuable opinions and insights on a variety of business initiatives. We believe that, by understanding our customers’ needs, we can improve our products and services to be more appealing, relevant and “user-friendly”.


Vision Critical provides the technology to run our Insight Community. 

Founded in 2000, it has served over 700 global brands through 16 offices across North America, Europe, South Africa, Australia and Asia, and employs over 500 staff. 

For more information, please visit www.visioncritical.com

How many customers have Prudential invited to join “PRU For You”?

We will invite sufficient customers to ensure that we have a community that reflects the different needs, interests and priorities of our diverse customer base.

Is Prudential planning to invite more customers to join “PRU For You” in the future?

We are constantly monitoring the member base of “PRU For You” to ensure that it reflects the different needs, interests and priorities of our customer base. We will be inviting customers on a regular basis to maintain a dynamic and diverse community.

Which customers are invited to join “PRU For You”?

We want to ensure that we hear from a broad mix of our customers, so we can capture different opinions reflecting the different needs, interests and priorities of our diverse customer base. We have therefore invited a representative sample of different segments of our customer base to join “PRU For You”.

How does Prudential select customers to take part in “PRU For You” surveys and activities?

Registered members of “PRU For You” will be invited to join surveys and activities. 

Some may be open to all “PRU For You” members to participate. Other activities may only be relevant for specific members, hence our invitation may not include all members each time.

My friend/relative is also a Prudential customer. Can he/she be invited to participate in the survey?

If your friend or relative is interested in joining PRU For You, he / she is invited to send an email tosupport@pruforyou.com.hk or call our Customer Services Hotline on 2281 1333.

I am a member of PRU For You community and I want to participate in the “PRU For You” surveys but I am not invited. What shall I do?

Thank you for your interest in participating in our surveys. 

Please note that some PRU For You surveys may open to all members to participate, but not all are relevant for all members. If you are relevant to the survey, we will send you an invitation for your participation.

I am interested in joining. PRU For You community, how can I join?

Thank you for your interest in joining PRU For You. 

To join our community, please send an email to support@pruforyou.com.hk or call our Customer Service Hotline on 2281 1333.

As a member of PRU For You, how frequently will I be invited to share my opinion or take part in activities?

On average, PRU For You will conduct one to two surveys or activities each month. However, this does not necessarily mean that everyone will be invited to participate in a survey each time because some surveys may only be intended for specific target customer groups.

How will I know if there is a survey for me to complete?

Registered members of PRU For You will receive invitations via email to participate in surveys. You can access a survey directly by clicking the URL link provided in the invitation email. 

Alternatively, you can log in to the PRU For You website (www.pruforyou.com.hk). Under “My Activities”, you will see a list of surveys and activities in which you can participate.

How many times can I complete a survey?

For professional research reasons, you can take any given survey only once.

How do I know Prudential actually received my completed surveys?

At the end of each survey there is a "Finish" button. Once you have clicked that button, that means that you have completed the survey. 

You can also log in to the PRU For You website where you can click onto “All Activities” for viewing completed / historical activities.

How long does it take to complete the survey?

We know that your time is valuable, so a survey will usually take no more than 10 minutes to complete.

How is Prudential going to use the survey results?

Your comments and feedback are used to improve the products and services we provide for all customers. 

All information and data submitted as part of the PRU For You community is treated in the strictest confidence and in full compliance with the law and regulation of Hong Kong. Your individual responses will never be shared without your prior permission. Results of different surveys will be published with aggregate data only, and any comments will be anonymous unless we have specifically sought your permission.

Where will Prudential publicise the survey results?

Survey results will be used by the marketing and business development teams to improve the products and services we provide to all customers of Prudential Hong Kong Limited. 

In the case where survey results are publicized, only aggregate data will be shared and any comment you provide will be anonymous. Individual responses will never be shared without members’ prior permission.

Will Prudential release any personal information to other parties for marketing purpose?

We do not release any personal information of our PRU For You members’ to other parties for marketing purposes. 

All information or feedback that our customers share with PRU For You will be held in the strictest confidence, and in full compliance with Hong Kong legal and regulatory requirements regarding data privacy. You will never receive unsolicited sales calls or materials as a result of joining PRU For You.

How will Prudential ensure the integrity and security of personal information and survey results collected?

Your email address, name, any other personally identifiable information, as well as your personal responses / feedback to any PRU For You surveys or activities will never be provided to others without your prior written consent. For details, please click the below link: Security of Data Collection 

Why do I have to fill in my personal information? Can I stay anonymous for a survey?

The personal information is for our internal records only and we will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties. In addition, your responses to any survey or comments for any activity will not be shared without your prior permission.

Do I need special hardware or software?

No. The PRU For You website works well on any computer with Internet access is sufficient to complete our surveys. The website will also be automatically formatted when you are using smart-phones or tablets operating on Android, Blackberry or iOS (Apple). 

Please email support@pruforyou.com.hk for any further assistance.

Can I do the survey through my mobile device?

Yes, the PRU For You website is accessible on smart-phones and tablets running on Android, iOS or Blackberry operating systems, as long as you have internet access.

If I have feedback / additional ideas / comments on topics not covered by the surveys on PRU For You, who can I contact?

For comments / ideas, please email support@pruforyou.com.hk