Tailor-made cancer protection – for people who have beaten cancer

Getting a cancer diagnosis - even for an early stage condition - can feel like it has changed your world. Yet more people are surviving cancer. Finding cover against the return of cancer when you have recovered can be a challenge though. PRUHealth Cancer ReCover is a first-in-market cancer protection plan tailored for cancer survivors. The plan aims to provide you with lump sum protection if you are unfortunately diagnosed with covered cancer again, even in the organs in which you have had cancer or carcinoma-in-situ (stage 0 cancer).

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The statement we have made above about our plan being “first-in-market” is based on comparing it with other publicly available critical illness and medical plans issued by Hong Kong's major life insurance companies for individual customers as at 25 January 2019.

The statement we have made above about the benefit of our plan being “distinctive-in-market” is based on comparing it with other critical illness plans issued by Hong Kong's major life insurance companies as at 25 January 2019.

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Is this plan for you?

This plan is tailor-made for people in these 2 groups of underwriting classes:


When you apply, we will make a full assessment of your medical history and the type of cancer you had, based on the necessary medical information from you or your doctor. This medical information is important as, without it, we cannot assess your application. You can find out more about who is eligible for this plan in the “More about PRUHealth Cancer ReCover” section in the product brochure.


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