Limited Offer – Get up to 15% premium refund^ with our PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige - and up to an extra 6 months’ refund on selected supplementary benefits

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^Applicable if you also enrol Evergreen Growth Saver Plus II during the promotion period

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Integrated multi-claim critical illness protection – with 100% life cover even after a critical illness claim

PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige protects you with multi-claim critical illness and life cover – both in one plan. With protection against 126 disease conditions, you can make multiple claims and still be protected by the life cover. We will even care for you in your own home to aid recovery. We also safeguard your children with our dedicated children’s triple protection.

Plan highlights

PRUhealth critical illness multi-care prestige - Financial protection against 126 disease conditions with multi-claim cover; 300% protection for cancer and 200% protection for each of heart and nervous system-related illnesses; Coverage for early stage major disease conditions, including pre-cancerous conditions; (First in market) 100% of life protection renewed after a major disease claim; 50% extra protection for the first major disease claim or death claim within the first 10 years; Up to 10% extra protection for surgical removal of covered benign tumours; (Distinctive-in-market) Holistic homecare services to support in-home recovery; Protection and long-term savings in one plan
; Triple protection designed for your child’s policy - Covers against disease conditions related to congenital diseases or developmental disorders
 Waives all future premiums of your child’s policy if you pass away; (First-in-market) Up to 20% extra protection for designated developmental disorder conditions


The statements we have made above about the benefits of our plan being first-in-market and distinctive-in-market are based on comparing it with other critical illness plans issued by Hong Kong’s major life insurance companies as at 31 July 2018.

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