• PRUchoice BOX

    To run your business in Hong Kong successfully is challenging. Besides of competing with your rivals in terms of quality and price, you also need to protect your own business from misfortune such as fire, burglary and water damage. To relieve you from worrying about unexpected accidents, Prudential introduces PRUchoice BOX (Business Owners Xtra) to shop owners like you. With the full-range "All Risks" protection of PRUchoice BOX, you can concentrate on your business with peace of mind.

  • PRUchoice Building Management Xtra

    The Government has amended the Building Management Ordinance to require all Owners' Corporations of residential buildings to effect compulsory third party liability insurance on or after 1 January 2011. In this regard, Prudential offers a comprehensive insurance - PRUchoice Building Management Xtra, building management insurance plan for private residential buildings. It not only provides the third party liability insurance as required by the amended ordinance, but also offers Owners' Corporations suitable insurance protection for the common area of the building including facilities therein, the money under its management and an optional coverage to insure Employee's Compensation for their employees.

  • PRUchoice SOX

    PRUchoice SOX (Small Office Xtra) is a comprehensive insurance programme that has been tailor-made to the needs of the medium to small sized business in Hong Kong. With its full-range of "Alll risks" Protection of PRUchoice SOX (Small Office Xtra), you can concentrate on your business with peace of mind.