HKD500 premium refund for new customer who submits an online appointment and successfully takes out a plan in Hong Kong

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we do family

The love that echoes on forever

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Prudential won the
10Life Happy Kids 2023
360° Insurer Award*

Our 3 award-winning flagship products listed below provide the most comprehensive cover to protect every kid’s life and every kid’s future.

Savings: Evergreen Wealth Multi-Currency Plan

Critical Illness: PRUHealth Guardian Critical Illness Plan Series

Medical: PRUHealth VHIS VIP Plan

We do companionship and love

Prudential Hong Kong’s expansion of the scope of beneficiary relationships for life insurance policies to support the diversity of modern families.

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*For the evaluation method of 10Life Happy Kids 2023 360° Insurer award and its products certification, please refer to 10Life’s website (