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The hospital list below is solely applicable in Mainland China and is available in Traditional Chinese only. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.
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The below hospital(s) is/are included in the List of Selected Hospitals in Mainland China for specific insurance plans.

Lady LiveWell / Lady LiveWell extra / PRUcrisis cover lifelong protector / PRUcrisis Cover Multiple / PRUcrisis cover multiple protector / PRUcrisis cover smartchoice / PRUcrisis cover smartchoice extra / PRUhealth cancer multi-care / PRUhealth critical illness care / PRUhealth critical illness multi-care / PRUhealth critical illness smartchoice / PRUhealth lady care / PRUhealth lady care extra / PRUhealth medical plus / PRUhealth secure top-up plan / PRUmed better care plan / PRUmed care / PRUmed health care plan / PRUmed hospital care plan / PRUmed lifelong care plan / PRUmyhealth cancer protector / PRUmyhealth crisis lifelong care / PRUmyhealth crisis multi-care / PRUmyhealth lifelong crisis protector / PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan / PRUmyprotection 10-pay accident plan

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Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) will update the List of Selected Hospitals in Mainland China from time to time. Please refer to this website for the latest version. It is advised to check for the updated list on the website before receiving any diagnosis or medical services.

Prudential reserves the rights to update the List of Selected Hospitals in Mainland China (including adding or removing hospitals) without any prior notice.

Important reminder: In case the life assured is confined in a room of the class higher than the covered room, PHKL will adjust the amount of benefit incurred according to the Policy Provision.