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Understanding Prudential With-Profits Plans

Understanding Prudential With-Profits Plans

Our Bonus Philosophy

Policyholders of the With-Profits Plans shall enjoy a fair share of the relevant experience of the Fund through the addition of non-guaranteed bonus. We aim to protect all policyholders’ respective rights and reasonable expectations by providing payments that are fair between different groups of policyholders. While the value of the Plan is mostly affected by the overall performance of the Fund, smoothing may be applied to produce a more stable return over the long-term.

Introduction to
With Profits Plan

Please refer to the below video and brochure to find out more information (such as investment philosophy and bonus philosophy) on your With-Profits Plan and the operation of a With-Profits Fund.

A simplified guide to Prudential’s With-Profits Fund

List of With-Profits Plans

The following list shows the With-Profits Plan products provided by Prudential. It will be updated from time to time in accordance with the currently available With-Profits Plan products. For further details, please contact your consultant.

Reversionary Bonus Plans
Currently Available Plans


Plans Ceased for Sale
  • Achiever Endowment Assurance
  • Achiever Life
  • Achiever Life Assurance II
  • Achiever Life Assurance II (Single Premium)
  • Achiever Life Assurance III
  • Achiever Life Assurance III (Single Premium)
  • Achiever Protection Package
  • Achiever Savings Package
  • Best Start Plan
  • Better Golden Years
  • Better Golden Years III
  • Better HeadStart
  • Better HeadStart III
  • Better Life Assurance
  • Better Life Assurance II
  • Better Life Assurance III
  • Better Life Plus
  • Better Life Plus II
  • Better Life Plus III
  • Delightful Life Assurance
  • Diamond Gift Plan
  • Double Treasure Plan
  • Easi-PRUsave plus
  • Evergreen Growth Saver
  • Evergreen Growth Saver (Single Premium)
  • Evergreen Growth Saver Plus
  • Evergreen Growth Saver Plus (Single Premium)
  • Golden Gift Plan
  • PRUlife juvenile saver *
  • PRUlife protector *
  • PRUlife protector (Single Premium) *
  • PRUlife saver *
  • PRUlife saver (Single Premium) *
  • PRUsave express
  • PRUsave plus
  • PRUWealth 8-year Saver
  • Senior Plan
  • Whole Life and Endowment First Series
  • Whole Life and Endowment Second Series


* Only the PRUlife juvenile saver – Savings in the PRUlife juvenile saver, PRUlife protector – Savings in the PRUlife protector and PRUlife saver – Savings in the PRUlife saver are written under the With-Profits Fund.

Income Bonus Plans
Currently Available Plans


Plans Ceased for Sale
  • PRUasset
  • PRUasset Series II
  • PRUinvestor
  • PRUsaver Investment Plan
  • PRUsavings plan
  • PRUsavings plan II
  • PRUwealth
  • PRUwealth – Dual Bonuses Investment Plan
  • PRUwealth Series II
Cash Dividend Plans
Currently Available Plans


Plans Ceased for Sale
  • Galaxy
  • Galaxy Lifelong Income Savings Plan
  • PRUflexilife
  • PRUlife best start
  • PRUlife plus
  • PRUlife premier
  • Yearly Income Plan

Understand Plan Performance

Long-term Average Actual Total Internal Rate of Return

The Long-term Average Actual Total Internal Rate of Return represents the track records of PHKL participating policies with longer history which are calculated as the average of relevant sample policies’ actual total internal rate of return at the 20th policy year.
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Total Cash Value (TCV) Ratio

The TCV ratio is calculated as the ratio of actual total cash value declared, which includes guaranteed cash value and corresponding non-guaranteed elements of the product, against the illustrated amount at the point of sale.
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Fulfillment Ratio

The fulfillment ratios indicate how the non-guaranteed benefits of the policies effective in the respective year compare with the illustrated amount at the point of sale.
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