• PRUchoice Home

    Whether it is a cozy condo or a spacious apartment, people are investing more money and time to renovate their homes with furniture and decorations to build a comfortable place for their own. A comprehensive home protection insurance will give you peace of mind and protect you against loss of your home contents should accidents such as typhoons, fire, burglary or water damage occur, the third party legal liability arising from negligence.


    With PRUchoice Home Insurance, the additional risks will be well looked after for you and your family as residents.

  • PRUchoice Home Deluxe

    To ensure the enjoyment of quality life, most of us would choose a dream home in a sought-after area and fill it with superbly crafted stylish furniture, state-of-the-art appliances and valuable collections. Such dwellings can only truly be perfect when protected with comprehensive insurance cover. Prudential is proud to offer you and your loved ones a total peace of mind home protection, PRUchoice Home Deluxe.

  • PRUchoice Home Landlord Insurance Plan

    Being a landlord, you can secure your asset and also earn steady rental income. Nevertheless, are you aware of the additional risks of being a landlord? The additional risks such as the loss of or damage to the household contents that you leave to your tenant, or the rental loss and the recovery expenses that you will incur as a result of unforeseen incident, in particular the repairing cost arising out of losses due to accidents in your premises, or the liability as landlord towards third party bodily injury or death arising out of improper property maintenance. As a landlord, you may be eligible to a hefty sum of loss. PRUchoice Home Landlord Insurance Plan provides landlords with a comprehensive protection to the leased premises in order to secure your property investments.

  • PRUchoice Maid Insurance

    In today’s busy life, it is common to have a domestic helper at home and take a load off your mind. Whether the family hires an overseas domestic helper or local full-time/ part-time domestic helper, Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) is pleased to offer you PRUchoice Maid Insurance, a comprehensive domestic helper insurance plan which allows you to meet the legal obligation as an employer and to provide an extra protection to your family and domestic helper. PRUchoice Maid Insurance also gives you an optional choice of Critical Illness Medical Top-Up Benefit to provide an additional medical protection against the critical illnesses* incurred by your overseas domestic helper.


    * 40 specified critical illnesses are covered under the Critical Illness Medical Top-Up Benefit.