What are the pros to invest via investment-linked insurance in compared to purchase funds directly from fund providers?


  1. Enjoy potential investment returns as well as life protection at the same time
  2. Obtain professional management and opinion on Investment Linked Insurance
    To invest via investment-linked insurance, you may invest in global markets with small investment capital and free to invest in worldwide fund markets, so as to spread the investment risk among a range of funds. Investors may optimize returns with the support of professional fund management knowledge provided by renowned investment advisors.
  3. High flexibility in investment
    To invest via investment-linked insurance, you may add top-up premium, withdraw cash or switch between a mixtures of funds whenever you want to. At critical circumstances, you may suspend premium payment temporarily by exercising Premium Holiday Option.
  4. Exempt from estate duties
    To ensure your long term investment can continue to work hard for you, with investment-linked insurance you will be offered with supplementary total disability waiver of premium beneift. In an unfortunate event of total disability, your investment plan will continue to help you achieve your goal as planned.


What is the mechanism of investment-linked insurance?



If you have any query regarding investment-linked insurance, please contact your financial consultant, or refer to relevant Principal Brochure.


Mutual funds allow investors to diversify their investment portfolio across a large number of investment tools; the investment risks involved are relatively lower when compared to concentrating your investment on one single investment tools. However, a mutual fund’s potential risks and rewards will still vary depending on the kind of investment it makes. Investors should clearly identify their investment objectives, direction and risk acceptance level before making any decision in buying or selling funds. Investment returns are not guaranteed. As a consequence of the general nature of varied investments and possible exchange or interest rate fluctuations, the value of investments and their yield may go down as well as up. Moreover, past performance is in no way an indicator of future performance, and should only be used for reference purposes.


The above information is for reference only and will not be considered as professional opinion and suggestion, and do not contain any intention or inducement to form a contract. Therefore, no investment decision should be made upon the above information. Investment involves risks. Please read corresponding investment information carefully before making any investment decision. If you have any query regarding investment or investment-linked insurance, please contact your financial consultant or refer to corresponding Principal Brochure for further information.