Review Your Portfolio Regularly


Through investing in funds, investors are given an easy access to global investment opportunities. Though it helps you get rid of the hassle from life, you should develop a habit to review your portfolio regularly. One suitable opportunity to do so would be the time when you receive your anniversary statement, or whenever you enter different life stages that experience obvious lifestyle change, like getting married or having a child.


Regular investment communication such as the monthly performance report and investment newsletter by your financial services provider can also help you review your portfolio. You may also refer to market updates, outlook and other information. A face-to-face portfolio review with your advisor can also be helpful.


In your regular review of your portfolio, compare your portfolio's performance with your target performance. You should consider to adjust your asset allocation to align with your target growth rate and/or your monthly contributions. Be sure to keep a long term perspective and not let short term market performance compel you to take unnecessary risks.


The above information is for reference only and will not be considered as professional opinion and suggestion, and do not contain any intention or inducement to form a contract. Therefore, no investment decision should be made upon the above information. Investment involves risks. Please read corresponding investment information carefully before making any investment decision. If you have any query regarding investment or investment-linked products, please contact your consultant or refer to corresponding Principal Brochure for further information.