• PRUlife monthly income plan

    As your life stage changes, so do your financial needs. Being financially prepared gives you security and the flexibility to support your goals at different life stages. So, as a key part of your financial planning, PRUlife monthly income plan gives you 20 years of regular income after just 5 years of premium payment. You can use the income as you want – to fund your retirement or pay school fees for your children. The plan offers financial protection in the event of death to protect your loved ones.

  • PRUretirement early income plan

    When you plan to retire soon and need a secure income in retirement, we can help you achieve your goals. By paying a single premium into the PRUretirement early income plan and leaving it to accumulate for as little as 1 or 5 years, you are guaranteed a monthly stream of income for 20 years once you have retired. The plan offers financial protection in the event of death to your loved ones.

  • PRUretirement enriched income plan

    To enjoy your retirement, it is important to maintain your financial freedom, so you need to plan early for a regular and secure income. With only 5 years of premium payment, PRUretirement enriched income plan offers you a steady stream of monthly income for 20 years. The plan gives you financial protection against death and cancer.