Corporate Social Responsibility

Just as in financial services, good community work has listening and understanding at its heart. At Prudential, we apply our credo "Always Listening. Always Understanding." to every aspect of our work, whether we are building financial solutions for our customers or developing community projects to support those in need.

We understand the challenges Hong Kong will face in the near future: the need for more opportunities for young people, a rapid-ageing population and a growing retirement gap, and increasing incidence of chronic and serious disease.

We have built four long-term CSR pillars to tackle these challenges, centred on core foundations of youth, education, health, and community. In each pillar, we develop flagship programmes and projects which draw on our specialist skills and resources while creating maximum positive impact in our society.


Working with youth supports a more sustainable society. Through our youth activities, we help younger generations cultivate a more positive outlook and give them confidence to thrive.


Prudential helps children and young adults master basic financial concepts so they can manage money wisely to achieve their life goals.


Encouraging healthy and active lifestyles is a core pillar of our work. Through sports sponsorship, we provide a platform to transform mind-sets with better health as a choice.


At Prudential, we use our resources to help local communities. Partnering with NGOs, we mobilise our staff and financial consultants to volunteer.