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Can I withdraw the bonus of my policy? If so, any form to fill out and how long will it take?

You can withdraw Cash Value of Reversionary Bonus, if any, at any time while the policy is inforce. It usually takes 10 working days for processing the bonus application.

Will I continue to share the bonus if my policy is converted to RPU?

It depends on which participating plan you have bought. For some plans, the policy will continue to share the bonus of our life insurance business profits after the policy is converted to RPU but not for other plans. The relevant information may refer to the policy provision, under the clause of "Converting your policy to a reduced paid up policy".

What is Policyholder's Bonus/Dividend Declaration Philosophy?

Prudential will determine and pay you bonus/dividend (if any) in accordance with the policy provision. Should your plan be with-profits by nature, you may be entitled to receive a share of the profits of PHKL's With-Profits Fund ("Fund"), in which your premiums are invested, through the addition of bonus/ dividend. The profits and the amount available for distribution among policyholders and shareholders are decided by Prudential in accordance with its Articles of Association. By participating in our With-Profits Fund through the plan, policyholders can receive their share of distributable profits, if any, from our With-Profits Fund in the form of non-guaranteed bonuses. No less than 90% of the distributable profit from our With-Profits Fund will be allocated to With-Profits policyholders. The calculation of the distributable profit of With-Profits Fund is performed separately and is not the same as that of the total profits of Prudential Hong Kong Limited. The bonus/dividend system aims to give policyholders a fair share of profits which are put through a "smoothing" process that is applied over the course of the policy life span.


In setting the bonus/dividend, there are 3 key objectives:


(a) to give returns which reflect the investment performance of the underlying assets;
(b) to smooth out the ups and downs of investment performance;
(c) to ensure all policyholders are treated fairly.


Date updated: 15 November 2016