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Connect to your policy details online

We offer 24/7 access to your policy, making it easy and convenient to manage your policy your way
Connect to your policy details online

How to log in to myPrudential

Your online self-service portal

Your online self-service portal

myPrudential gives you the flexibility to do more. Discover our functions and features.


Explore policy details

  • View coverage details and policy value
  • View ePolicy contract
  • View eStatements, eAdvice & letter

Make changes to your policy

  • Update the address and residential phone number for your life insurance policy 
  • Change the payment method for your life insurance policy 
  • Change the payment frequency and set up autopay for your life insurance policy 
  • Change dividend allocation
  • Change dividend payout option
  • Change benefit protection option
  • Appoint beneficiary

Make a Claim and view status

  • Submit claims
  • View claim records

Keep track of your wealth

  • Switch existing investment choice
  • Change premium allocation
  • Set up target price alerts

Manage policy services

  • Make a payment
  • Confirm receipt of policy contract
  • Apply for a policy loan

Earn ePoints and gain rewards

Earn ePoints and gain rewards

Use our online services and earn ePoints, which can be redeemed for rewards like eCoupons etc

How to redeem eCoupon

How to use eCoupon

Frequently asked questions

What would I know about my eStatements, eAdvice & Letter?
What can I see in my eStatements, eAdvice & Letter?

You can view the following statements and receipts for your life insurance plan under this function (if applicable):

  • Anniversary statement

  • Fund trading advice

  • Premium notice, premium reminder notice & premium overdue notice

  • Official receipt

  • Change request letter


What are the key features for eStatements, eAdvice & Letter?

The features allow you to view your life insurance policy statements 24/7 via your myPrudential account. It is just the same as the paper statements but in electronic format. eStatements can be retained and viewed for up to 3 years from the statement issue date.

Do I have to pay for eStatements, eAdvice & Letter?

No, this service is available to you, completely free of charge.

How do I know if my latest eStatements and eAdvice are available?

When a new eStatement or eAdvice is available for viewing on your myPrudential account, you'll receive an email from us ( at your designated email address. You can also setup the subject line as you like to remind yourself.

Can I cancel eStatement and eAdvice?

We strongly advise our customers to adopt eStatements and eAdvice. Compared to traditional mailing methods and paper statements, eStatements can be viewed online in real time. It's more reliable, faster and more convenient. Should you require paper statements, please contact your financial consultant.

How do I check my transactions and Change Request history online?

Simply Login myPrudential. You can easily view your policy details and various policy records.

Register now if you don't have an account.

I want to know more about life claims and premium payment for life insurance

Please click here to find out more about life claims.

Please click here to find out more about premium payment for life insurnace.

How to download PRUmobile app?

PRUmobile app is available for download on App Store / Google Play.

Download PRUmobile on the App Store

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Download PRUmobile on Google Play

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If you are unable to access Google Play, please click here to download the app directly.

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What’s the minimum browser or operating system requirement for accessing myPrudential and PRUmobile app?


  • Chrome 66 or above

  • Edge

  • Safari 10.14 or above (MacOS)


Mobile device systems:

  • iOS 12 or above

  • Android OS 7 or above

How can I register autopay for my policies?
Bank Account Autopay

Here’s how to setup bank account autopay authorization:

The signature on the "Direct Debit Authorization Form" should match with your specimen signature in our records. Please send the form to us by mail to set up autopay.

Credit Card Autopay

Effective from 1 May 2020, new credit card autopay authorization by using VISA/ MasterCard (including change of credit card number for existing autopay authorization) is not accepted. For details, please contact your financial consultant.