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Critical illness protection more accessible to younger generation with the launch of Prudential’s PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect

Simple and affordable protection with whole-life cover, lump-sum coverage and limited number of years for premium payment

(27 June 2019 – Hong Kong) Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) is delighted to broaden its market-leading portfolio of health and protection products with the launch of PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect.

Prudential has been the trusted critical illness protection partner for generations of Hongkongers. PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect provides peace of mind to a broader segment of customers, including the younger generation, by making critical illness cover more affordable and accessible than ever before. PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect offers in-depth protection against the financial impact of 74 disease conditions. It also offers up to 175% of the sum assured for major diseases or death claims within the first 15 years[1], among the highest in the market.

Prudential’s pursuit of market knowledge has revealed that there is a critical illness protection gap among young couples and individuals. Based on observation of its customers, 56% of parents under 45 have invested in insurance plans for their children but have no critical illness protection themselves. At the same time, according to Prudential’s recent Health and Protection Study launched in March, half of the respondents (50%) aged between 20 and 34 believe insurance premiums to be unaffordable. PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect helps address unmet needs by making coverage more accessible to everyone, particularly a new generation of customers.

 “In line with our philosophy of listening, understanding and delivering, Prudential proactively identified a protection gap among those who wanted simple and affordable critical illness protection plan to kick-start their health journey,” said Priscilla Ng, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer of Prudential Hong Kong. “PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect is an expansion of Prudential’s portfolio of health and protection products, supporting our customers’ unique needs and priorities through different stages of their lives.”

PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect is not only affordable, it also provides comprehensive financial protection against 74 disease conditions including 56 major disease conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, and 18 early stage major disease conditions. The plan offers whole-life protection and lump-sum payments in the event of a claim.

 “PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect is our response to the specific needs of younger customers and families. An affordable proposition, it removes a barrier to families who previously had to make difficult decisions about critical illness cover in the face of competing financial priorities. For young adults, meanwhile, PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect helps supplement current medical protection with a layer of critical illness coverage.” added Priscilla.

Sady Wong, Senior Director, Product Management of Prudential Hong Kong commented, “The product’s simplicity revolves around its single claim, limited number of years of premium payment and lump-sum benefits, which provide fuss-free cover and peace of mind to customers, meaning they can focus on building their careers or starting and supporting a family.” 

Key features of PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect include:

  • Up to 75% extra protection with the plan’s Critical Illness First Enhancer for a major disease claim within the first 15 years, convertible to a new life and/or critical illness plan without the need to provide any health information

  • Whole-of-life, lump-sum cover against the financial impact of 74 disease conditions, with limited premium payment term

  • Coverage against early stage major disease conditions, including pre-cancerous conditions

  • Premium waiver of 1 year after a claim for an early stage major disease

  • Protection and long-term savings in one plan as a shareholder-backed participating plan

  • A supplementary Benefit Protector Option to combat inflation that might otherwise reduce the value of cover over time


Customers of PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect with a first-year annualised premium of HK$ 6,000 or more between 28 June and 27 July 2019 will be eligible for a two months’ premium refund. Those who sign up to the plan along with a family member(s) will enjoy an extra refund equivalent to up to four months’ premium[2].

PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect is underwritten by Prudential Hong Kong Limited. For further details and the terms and conditions of this plan, customers can ask Prudential for a sample of the policy document.

[1] If customers take out the plan for a life assured aged 1 to 31 (age next birthday [ANB]), they can enjoy a 75% extra protection for the first 15 years against major disease conditions or death. 

[2] Terms and conditions apply to the promotion. For details, please refer to