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Prudential's brand new "COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund" to provide comprehensive support for Hong Kong residents against both the side effects of the Vaccine1 and/or COVID-19 diagnosis

Complimentary for eligible Hong Kong residents whether existing customers or non-customers

Automatic registration for co-living children; cash allowances are doubled for frontline healthcare workers as an extension of the company’s appreciation of their dedication and care

(29 January 2021, Hong Kong)
 With the first batch of the COVID-19 Vaccine becoming available to the public as early2 as next month, some people are concerned about its possible side effects3.To allay these worries, Prudential Hong Kong Limited (‘Prudential’) today announced the launch of its brand new “COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund” (the ‘Fund’), offering comprehensive dual support to Hong Kong residents for both the side effect(s) of the COVID-19 Vaccine, as well as COVID-19 diagnosis. As our commitment to care for the community, the Fund is free for registration by both existing customers and non-customers, with automatic registration for co-living children.

The COVID-19 Vaccine  Full Care Fund is the latest of the anti-pandemic measures Prudential has launched since last year including the COVID-19 Caring Fund, and demonstrates the company’s ongoing efforts to safeguard the health of Hong Kong residents amid the outbreak. As an extension of Prudential’s appreciation of their dedication and care, the daily cash allowance and family cash allowance are doubled for frontline healthcare workers in local hospitals affected by the side effects of the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

From today until 30 April 2021, all Hong Kong identity card holders aged 18 or above and residing in Hong Kong can register for the COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund through health and wellness app, Pulse by Prudential (‘Pulse’). Eligible registrants suffering from side effect(s) within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine approved by the government and prescribed by a registered doctor will receive daily cash allowance of HK$1,000 for up to 10 days if hospitalised. In the unfortunate event of the registrant passing away, his or her family will receive a cash allowance of HK$100,000. Co-living children of the registrant will also be automatically registered for the Fund. In addition, a one-off cash allowance of HK$10,000 will be granted to a registrant if diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hong Kong.

“The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have an acute impact on the community. With the COVID-19 Vaccine expected to be available in Hong Kong very soon, we have launched the COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund to alleviate both concerns about the side effects of the vaccine and the virus infection, providing our community with more comprehensive support,’ said Derek Yung, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential. “We would also like to take this opportunity to recognise the contribution of frontline healthcare workers in local hospitals, who have continued to play a huge part in helping us ride through the pandemic.”

Signing up for the Fund is simple and easy. All users need to do is download the Pulse app for free and register for an account with a Hong Kong mobile number, followed by submitting their personal details on the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund’ registration page.

Overview of ‘COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund’


  • The Fund is subjected to a quota of 300,000 eligible registrants who are registered successfully
  • All Hong Kong identity card holders aged 18 or above and currently residing in Hong Kong are eligible
  • Each registrant’s Co-living child(ren) (if applicable) will automatically be registered for the Fund

Registration / Application for the Cash Allowances

  • Registration for the Fund via the Pulse App (“Pulse”) is open from 28 January 2021 to 30 April 2021 (both dates inclusive)
  • The cash allowances will be available under the Fund from 28 January 2021 to 30 June 2021 (both dates inclusive)

Cash allowance for eligible registrant diagnosed with post vaccination side effect(s)

  • Eligible registrants diagnosed with any side effect(s) as a direct result of COVID-19 Vaccine within 14 days after receiving COVID-19 Vaccine approved by the HKSAR government in Hong Kong and prescribed by a registered doctor, which result in immediate hospitalization /or death can apply for:
    • A daily cash allowance of HK$1,000 for immediate confinement in hospital for up to 10 days within the application period
    • A family cash allowance of HK$100,000 in an event of death within the application period

Cash allowance for eligible registrant diagnosed with COVID-19

  • Eligible registrant diagnosed with COVID-19 in Hong Kong can apply for a one-off cash allowance of HK$10,000 within the application period
  • Eligible registrant diagnosed with a local confirmed case of COVID-19 in Hong Kong within the application period
  • Must be confirmed as a local case by the Centre for Health Protection, the Department of Health, the government of the HKSAR


Double cash allowances for frontline healthcare workers

  • To be eligible for the double cash allowances (double the amount of daily and/or family cash allowance), the registrant must be a frontline healthcare worker in hospitals in Hong Kong
  • Frontline healthcare workers include all permanent full-time, permanent part-time and contract staff in various roles (including doctors, nurses, allied health staff and healthcare assistants) will be benefit from this offer


Special notes

  • Each registrant is entitled to receive the cash allowance ONCE upon diagnosis of COVID-19 when they are eligible under both the COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund and the COVID-19 Caring Fund



The registration, application and approval of Prudential ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Full Care Fund’ are subjected to terms and conditions. In case of disputes, Prudential Hong Kong Limited reserves all rights of final decision




COVID-19 Vaccine ‧ Full Care Fund


Register ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Full Care Fund’ after logging in Pulse App.
Easy registration within a minute.


Download Pulse App to register the ‘COVID-19 Vaccine Full Care Fund’

Pulse by PrudentialPulse Online Classes QR Code

Registration period: From today until 30 April 2021
(register by Hong Kong mobile phone number)

For more details and terms & conditions of Prudential “COVID-19 Vaccine Full Care Fund”, please refer to our website


1. “COVID-19 Vaccine” means a vaccine, including its first dose and subsequent doses (if any), intended to provide acquired immunity against COVID-19. Such COVID-19 Vaccine must be approved by the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“HKSAR”), prescribed by a Registered Doctor and administrated in Hong Kong after the registration for the Fund.

2. Press releases issued by HKSAR < Government announces latest development of COVID-19 Vaccination procurement> , 13 Jan 2021

3. According to the World Health Organisation, “Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI)” means any untoward medical occurrence which follows immunisation and which does not necessarily have a causal relationship with the usage of the vaccine. The adverse event may be any unfavourable or unintended sign, an abnormal laboratory finding, a symptom or a disease.

– End –


About Pulse by Prudential

Pulse by Prudential is an all-in-one digital health app and the first-of-its-kind in the region to offer holistic health management to consumers. Using AI-powered self-help tools and real-time information, the app serves as a 24/7 health and wellness partner to users, helping them prevent, postpone, and protect against the onset of diseases. Pulse is part of Prudential’s region-wide strategy to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to everyone across Asia by leveraging digital technologies and best-in-class partnerships.

Following the regional launch of Pulse in Malaysia in August 2019, Pulse is now available in a total of 11 markets and includes a growing suite of value-add services, such as a symptom checker and health assessment, personal wellness services, and video consultations with certified doctors and specialists.

Since its launch, Pulse has been downloaded for more than 17 million times (as at January 2021) in Asia to date. Pulse is currently available on the Apple/Google Play stores in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

For more information, and to download Pulse, log onto the Pulse page.


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