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Prudential named "Insurance Company of the Year" for 4th Consecutive Year

Scooped 8 awards in Bloomberg BusinessWeek Financial Institution Awards 2018

(29 May 2018, Hong Kong)  Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”) has been named the “Insurance Company of the Year” at the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Financial Institution Awards 2018, marking its fourth consecutive year in winning the top award.

Prudential scooped a total of eight accolades, including seven in the insurance sector. In addition to the “Insurance Company of the Year”, the company also won “Excellence Awards” in the following categories: Health & Protection, Corporate Social Responsibility, Customer Service, Online Platform, and Training Academy.

Prudential also received the “Outstanding Award” for Digital Innovation, a testament to the company’s commitment and efforts in enhancing customer experience through technology and innovation. In the General Insurance Sector of the Awards, Prudential attained the “Excellence Award” for Total Solution Service.

Mr. Derek Yung, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential said, “We are honoured to be named the ‘Insurance Company of the Year’ by the Bloomberg BusinessWeek for the fourth year in a row, along with many other top awards. Driven by our business philosophy of ‘Always listening, always understanding’, Prudential is not only known for its excellence in our service offerings, but also our commitment as a good corporate citizen, a good employer, and a good listener to our customers. This sets us apart from our peers and puts us in a leadership position in setting industry benchmarks and encouraging best practices.”

The Bloomberg Businessweek Financial Institution Awards 2018 is one of the most prestigious industry events in town, recognising outstanding performance and contributions in Hong Kong’s financial services industry. The panel of judges includes economists, scholars, financial analysts, accountants and the Bloomberg Businessweek/Chinese Edition editorial board.

Prudential was the winner of eight awards in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Financial Institution Awards 2018, covering both the Insurance and General Insurance sectors.

Prudential’s executives were honoured at the Bloomberg BusinessWeek Financial Institution Awards 2018 with eight awards, including the "Insurance Company of the Year" award.