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How to Change the Payment Method of life policy

Customer can change the payment method of life policy via myPrudential

 Step 1 

After logon myPrudential, please select “Change Payment Options”.


 Step 2 

Please click “Please select policy” and select the policy you want to update the payment method.

Please note that change payment mode function is not applicable to the following types of policy:

  1. Single Pay products
  2. Policy not in force
  3. Policy is with change payment method request already submitted and not yet completed


 Step 3 

After understanding the reminder on notification about policy change request, and ensure the contact information is correct, please click “Continue”.


 Step 4 

Please select the new payment method.


 Step 5 

If your policy’s remaining payment period is short, a reminder will be popup.

If you confirm to proceed the payment method change, please click “Confirm Change”.


 Step 6 

Please input your bank account information.


 Step 7 

Please click “Sign”.


 Step 8 

Please sign in the signature box, then click “Done”.


 Step 9 

Please input / update your email address.

Please click “Next” when finished.


 Step 10 

Please confirm the accuracy, and select the checkbox to agree with the Personal Information Collection Statements.

Please click “Confirm and send OTP”.


 Step 11 

Please check your mobile phone and enter the One-Time passcode provided in SMS message.

When finished, please click “Submit”.


 Step 12 

Your request has been successfully submitted.