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Prudential HK PRUChoice Personal Accident Series Insurance
Accident & Disability | Health Insurance

PRUChoice Personal Accident Series

A comprehensive personal accident plan to help you handle the unpredicted costs of accidents

Other Benefits

  • Accidental Medical Expenses - covering your outpatient and inpatient, chiropractor, physiotherapy and occupational treatment expenses, as well as bone-setting, Chinese medication and acupuncture in Hong Kong
  • Double Indemnity benefit - providing double Accidental Death and Permanent Disablement benefit for accidents occurred whilst traveling in a public carrier as a fare-paying passenger

Prudential HK PRUChoice Personal Accident Insurance Series offer accidental medical expenses and double indemnity benefit

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What are my plan options? How do they differ?




Personal Accident

Personal Accident Plus



“Accidental Medical Expenses Benefit”




Extra protection for cycling, hiking and marathon




No Claim Benefits (NCB) / No Claim Premium Refund

NCB; Transfer of NCB

No Claim Premium Refund every 3 years

Family discount




24 hours emergency assistance services




Educational expenses

-- --


Kidnapping Benefit

-- --


“Extra Indemnity Benefit for Student”+

-- --



* This is applicable for unmarried, full-time students between the age of 15 days to 17 years.
+ For accidents occurred during school activities

Family discount

Enjoy the discount when you insured with your spouse and/or children


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This information is for reference only and does not constitute any contract or any part thereof between Prudential and any other parties. Regarding other details and the terms and conditions of this insurance, please refer to the policy document. Prudential will be happy to provide a specimen of the policy document upon your request.

Applicable on or after 7 July 2023.