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Prudential PRUChoice Medical Series insurance plans
Medical | Health Insurance

PRUChoice Medical Series

Get the most comprehensive medical protection plans for you and your family

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What makes PRUChoice Medical different?

Special benefits

What’s included

Cancer treatment and renal dialysis care

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or immunotherapy, or renal dialysis, and more

Surgeries performed in clinics or day care units in hospitals

Cataracts, colonoscopy or gastroscopy, etc.

Family discount

An extra 10% off premiums when two or more family members are insured together under the same plan

Why do I need PRUChoice MediExtra?

In view of increasing medical costs your group medical insurance may not be sufficient to cover all of your medical expenses. Get reimbursed for all actual medical costs by insuring yourself with the PRUChoice MediExtra Basic Top Up Medical Plan.

Am I eligible for PRUChoice Medical?

PRUChoice Medical are eligible for aged 74 or below.

What happens if I do not ever make any claims?

In the event of no claim being made, submitted or reported under 3 full consecutive years within the coverage period of PRUChoice MediExtra, we will pay you back a No Claim Premium Refund, which equals to 15% of your premiums paid during the 3 policy years (after the end of that 3-year period, provided that the policy is renewed).


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