Customer Commendation

We are committed to listening to and understanding our customers' needs and expectations. We always strive to provide you with exceptional service quality. We care for our customers and treasure every opportunity to hear from you. We sincerely thank you for sharing your commendation for our staff and services.

Impeccable and Professional

"Connie from the Customer Service Centre provided impeccable and professional service. This was a never-been-better experience, and I would like to give my big hands for Connie and the CS manager for their good training and supervision. Please keep up with the good work! Best wishes."

Professional and Patience

"Eunice from the Customer Service Centre was very professional and patient when she explained to me. I really appreciate her service. It was a comfortable experience, and I have gained a better understanding on my policy. Well done!"

Caring and Professional

"During her service, Gloria from the Customer Service Centre showed her caring, professionalism, honesty and clearness, and basically served me from her heart. It was a very comfortable experience in which she showed her full understanding of my needs."

Amiable and Professional

"Heidi from the Customer Service Centre was very amiable. She understands customers’ need and all the relevant application procedures very well. I’m very satisfied with her service."

Clear Explanations and Professional Service

"Joanna from the Customer Service Hotline explained full details of my medical care plan in a clear and responsive manner. I am very satisfied with her professional service. The enquiry this time was a very nice experience through which I had more recognition of and confidence in your company. Well done."

Professional and Courteous

"Mandy from the Customer Service Centre was professional and courteous. She was earnest to understand my need and tried to sort out the problem. I was surprised by her professional service and really appreciate for her help."

Superb and Excellent Service

"Martin from the Customer Service Centre handled all my requests and enquiries over the counter. His performance was excellent and served me with patience and care by giving clear explanations into details. Overall, Martin is a superb customer service officer."

Patient and Professional

"I received my anniversary statement but couldn’t remember the details as to how the claim should be made in the future, when the contribution will be completed, why there is no increase in my claim and so on. In the course of my enquiry, Thomas from the Customer Service Department answered each and every question in details on the phone with patience. He explained everything to me clearly like a financial consultant. "

Caring and Understanding

“Maggie from the Customer Service Hotline was responsive and understanding to my questions and needs. I appreciate her professional service with care, understanding and proactive assistance for customers.”

Understanding Customer’s Needs

“It is essential for a customer service officer to help proactively, listen patiently and care genuinely. I am fortunate to have met Connie. Thank you!”