In today's busy life, it is common to have a domestic helper at home and take a load off your mind. Whether the family hires an overseas domestic helper, or a full-time/part-time local domestic helper, we offer our PRUChoice Maid, a comprehensive domestic helper insurance plan which allows the family to meet the legal obligation as an employer and to provide an extra insurance protection to the domestic helper. PRUChoice Maid also gives the family a choice of insuring with an Optional Critical Illness Medical Top-Up Benefit to provide additional medical protection when the domestic helper has contracted critical illness.


Special Features

  • Clinical Benefits cover outpatient, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment
  • Hospitalization and Surgical Benefits cover the fees of doctor’s visit, room and board,  miscellaneous hospital expenses and surgical expenses for surgery or treatment carried out at hospital and day care clinic
  • Optional cover of Critical Illness Medical Top-Up Benefit provides extra protection of hospitalization and surgical expenses against up to 40 specific critical illnesses
  • Family Member Abuse Benefit provides extra benefit on medical expenses if a family member is directly suffered bodily injury or sickness from the malicious act of the overseas domestic helper
  • Domestic Helper’s Maternity Benefit provides you a lump sum subsidy for hiring an additional overseas domestic helper
  • Compensate you up to 100% of the monthly earnings of your domestic helper for his/her first 12 months’ temporary incapacity
  • Repatriation Expenses reimburses you for the costs of repatriating your domestic helper to his/her country of residence following his/her death or medical unfitness to continue the contract of employment
  • Benefit of Hospital Cash Subsidy is payable from the first day of hospitalization


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Applicable on or after 7 August, 2018