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Prudential partners with Red Cross to promote "Community Resilience and Road Safety"

(20 September 2018, Hong Kong)  Prudential Hong Kong Limited ("Prudential") and Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia, are proud to partner with the Hong Kong Red Cross ("HKRC") to prepare communities to cope with emergencies and reduce the incidences of accidents in Hong Kong. The "Community Resilience and Road Safety" programme aims to spread life-saving first-aid information, essential knowledge for disaster preparedness and road safety awareness among Hong Kongers.

The two-year programme of events and educational activities was launched on 8 September at Tuen Mun Civic Square to coincide with "World First Aid Day". The event drew more than 2,000 students and members of public eager to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills on emergency response and preparedness to protect their families, friends and communities.

The event was run with the support of 60 Prudential employees and financial consultants who volunteered to pass on vital techniques that can make a crucial difference in life-threatening scenarios. During the event, participants were taught to identify the potential hazards which might occur in the course of their daily lives and had the opportunity to put their newly-learned understanding of risk and emergency response to the test in a series of simulated disaster scenarios on site.

Derek Yung, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential, said: "Prudential is committed to investing in the community we serve by working with strategic partners that make a lasting positive change. Since 2015, we have been collaborating with HKRC on its blood drive to save thousands of lives. This year, working closely with Prudence Foundation, we are proud to support the HKRC's 'Community Resilience and Road Safety' programme, which highlights the importance of people learning basic safety and first aid skills. Our employees and financial consultants have actively bought in to our philosophy of giving back to the society, and this event is one of the examples where they provide voluntary assistance at meaningful programmes which make a difference."

As part of the "Community Resilience and Road Safety" programme, a series of themed events will be rolled out, focusing on educating the public on health and safety, first-aid training and community healthcare in the coming months. An educational vehicle sponsored by Prudential will help to spread and reinforce the message to all corners of Hong Kong in late 2019. These activities will also leverage Prudence Foundation’s SAFE STEPS programme, which provides lifesaving information and tips on first aid, natural disasters, and road safety.

An educational vehicle sponsored by Prudential will help to spread and reinforce the message to all corners of Hong Kong in late 2019. Mr. Derek Yung, CEO of Prudential Hong Kong Limited (left) presents the car key to Mrs. Ivy Wu, JP, Chairman of the HKRC (right) in the launch ceremony.

Sixty Prudential employees and financial consultants served as corporate volunteers during the event to raise public awareness and equip participants with the skills and knowledge to cope with emergency situations.