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Why join us as financial consultants

At Prudential we provide a versatile platform to help you achieve your career dreams.
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Why join us as financial consultants

Develop your career as a Prudential Financial Consultant

Building their own teams, our financial consultants advocate smart financial management to our clients by analysing and reviewing their unique life goals.

Like many other businesses, your promotion and income as our financial consultant are not restricted by the length of service. Our rewards are fair and there are no limits to what you can earn.

As such, you may set your own career goals, and determine your own work patterns and hours. Meanwhile, we have created a robust platform to support you to achieve your own life goals and dreams.


This programme recruits professionals and university graduates, helping them establish their insurance careers and teams and become insurance and management leaders. They can earn plentiful benefits, including a first-year monthly advance up to HK$60,000, an exclusive second-year performance bonus up to HK$420,000, and a bonus up to HK$500,000 for those promoted to Regional Director within three years.

Comprehensive professional training

 Rookies training
Rookies training
Our rookies training covers essential industry & product knowledge, as well as selling skills
 Professional management training
Professional management training
We aim to help our financial consultants who are interested in building a team, we give training to improve leadership & management skills
 Diploma in Agency Management (QF Level 3)
Diploma in Agency Management (QF Level 3)
We’re the first insurance company in Hong Kong to offer a recognised diploma certification

Rookies training

Here are some featured series from our rookies training

  • IIQE Training Series

  • New Financial Consultant Fast Start Series (New Financial Consultant Orientation, Selling Cycle, Life & Saving Selling, Health & Protection Selling)

  • Rookies Development Series (Introduction to Financial Planning, Rookies Forum, Master Training Forum)

  • Hot Product Sales Training Series (Hot Product Sales Training – Life & Saving Insurance, Hot Product Sales Training – Crisis Cover Insurance, Hot Product Sales Training – Medical Protection)

Professional management training

Here are some featured series from our professional management training programme.

  • Managerial Onboarding Series (Business Operations Knowledge, Manager Onboarding Class)

  • Agency Management Series (Direct Unit Management Course, Agency Division Management Course)

  • Regional Director Series (Next Regional Director Programme, New Regional Director Luncheon

  • Continuous Professional Development Series (To be an effective recruiter, To be an effective trainer, To be an effective coach, To be an effective motivator)

Diploma in Agency Management

We’re the first insurance company in Hong Kong to offer a diploma certification (Qualification Framework Level 3) recognised by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority qualification framework.

Here at Prudential, we take your personal development seriously and we support our financial consultants in achieving professional qualifications in line with CPD requirements.

Through diverse training and small group coaching, financial consultants are able to strive for industry awards and MDRT qualifications – to eventually be among the industry’s top elites.

Technology support

Our financial consultants have access to the eight major software applications, all designed to strengthen their capabilities on-the-job. For example, we’ve integrated mobile sales on to our PRUone platform to maximise sales opportunities.

The workflow digitalisation video (Chinese only)

Fabulous rewards

On top of very competitive salary compensation, our financial consultants can also look forward to additional rewards.

These rewards include tours and travel opportunities that allow our financial consultants to communicate with industry elites in different countries and gain a chance to experience new sights.

We also encourage our financial consultants to actively participate in industry competitions. These awards validate their hard work and outstanding performance.

Career path of a Prudential financial consultant

An overview of the insurance industry


Hong Kong's insurance industry continues to maintain its competitiveness in the global market. In addition to its long history and sound regulatory system, Hong Kong's insurance products also have considerable advantages in terms of coverage, amount insured and premiums.


Things to know about HK’s insurance industry (Chinese only)

What’s the Prudential’s advantage? (Chinese only)

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Interested to join us?

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