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Information for PRUwealth / PRUasset* policyholders

* PRUwealth includes PRUwealth Dual Bonuses and PRUwealth II. PRUasset includes PRUasset and PRUasset Series II.

The underlying asset values of PRUwealth / PRUasset* policies have been improving over the recent years.  As a result, Prudential has decided to remove the application of market value adjustments on those policies at the time of surrenders and withdrawals, effective from 5th October 2017. 

These value adjustments, referred to in the PRUwealth / PRUasset * Principal Brochure and policy provisions as Market Value Adjustment (MVA), ensure that all policyholders get their fair share of the investment returns from their policies.
Please be reminded that according to policy provision, Prudential reserves the right to apply MVA in the future if adverse scenarios including but not limited to large volatility in global market are noted.
Should you need further information regarding the MVA, please contact our Customer Service Hotline at 2281 1333, or your Prudential advisor for assistance.
* PRUwealth includes PRUwealth Dual Bonuses and PRUwealth II. PRUasset includes PRUasset and PRUasset Series II.