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We do health

Enrol in Selected Insurance Plan(s) and enjoy up to 50% premium refund
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From 1 January to 31 March 2023, when you successfully enrol in the Selected Insurance Plan(s)1 below, we will give you up to 50% premium refund2.

Selected Insurance Plan(s)1

Plan Type

Premium Refund of the First Year Annualised Premium2

VHIS Plan(s)

– HKD / USD plan

Basic plan & Supplementary benefit


PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan
– HKD plan

PRUHealth VHIS EasyChoice Plan
– HKD / USD plan

Basic plan

PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan
– HKD / USD plan

Supplementary benefit

Life & Savings Plan

LiveFree Protector
– 5-year premium term

Basic plan


LiveFree Protector
– 10/20/30-year premium term


Critical Illness Plan(s)

EasyWell Critical Illness Protector

PRUHealth Critical Illness Extended Care III

PRUHealth Critical Illness First Protect II



You may also apply for tax relief3 on your qualifying premiums paid for the 4 VHIS Plans.

  1. Selected Insurance Plan(s) consist of VHIS Plan(s), Life & Savings Plan and the Critical Illness Plan(s) listed in the above table except the single premium term option for LiveFree Protector. VHIS Plan(s) means PRUHealth VHIS VIP Plan, PRUHealth CoreChoice Medical Plan, PRUHealth VHIS EasyChoice Plan and PRUHealth FlexiChoice Medical Plan as certified plans under the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme.

  2. The amount of the premium refund will be credited to the premium deposit account of the eligible policy. For more details, please refer to clauses 5 and 6 of the relevant terms and conditions.

  3. You may apply for tax relief on your qualifying premiums paid for the VHIS Plan(s), but the premium refund would not be entitled to the tax relief. For details of the tax relief, please refer to the product brochures.