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After knowing your retirement number, your aspiration is to achieve your savings targets so as to ensure your carefree retirement. It's time to work out a well-rounded financial plan. The earlier you start retirement planning, the more relax you can be!

Assumed you would retire at age 60 and, according to the statistics, the life expectancy for men is 80# years old.
To maintain a monthly spending of HK$8,500 for 20 years after retirement, you need to save:

Assumed you start saving at Age 30 Age 40 Age 50
Monthly savings required (HK$) Approximately HK$2,600^ A double^ 5 times^

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# Source: Census and Statistics Department, HKSAR. In 2011, the expectancy of life at birth for men and women was 80 years and 87 years respectively.

^ The abovementioned monthly saving for retirement is calculated by Prudential Hong Kong Limited ("Prudential") "What is Your Retirement Number?" Calculator and is for reference only. The amount of monthly saving is calculated based on the assumtions that the expected retirement age is 60 years old; number of years for retirement spending is 20 years; 2-person household; own a property; expected HK$8,516 for monthly spending after retirement; current MPF balance is HK$150,000; monthly MPF contribution is HK$2,000; expected rate of return for MPF is 6% per year; current saving balance is HK$300,000; expected rate of return for investment is 8% per year.. The above information and analysis should not be considered as professional opinion or suggestion, and do not contain any intention or inducement to form a contract. Therefore, no investment decision should be made upon the information or analysis provided herein. Should you have any query regarding the management of your investment, please contact your financial consultant for assistance.

Investment involves risk. Please read corresponding investment information carefully before making any investment decision. Prudential shall not be responsible for the accuracy of the projections (calculated by the retirement calculator) which may be based on assumptions.

* The abovementioned premium of Delightful Life Assurance is for reference. The abovementioned insurance plan is subject to relevant policy terms and conditions. The abovementioned premium is subject to following assumptions: The Life Assured is a female, aged 30 (age next birthday), Hong Kong ID holder, Sum Assured is HK$500,000, Premium Term is 20 years, with Annual Premium payable.