Customer Commendation

We are committed to listening to and understanding our customers' needs and expectations. We always strive to provide you with exceptional service quality. We care for our customers and treasure every opportunity to hear from you. We sincerely thank you for sharing your commendation for our staff and services.

Responsible and professional

"Mandy from the Customer Service Centre was very patient and considerate. She showed her sympathy to my problem and managed to solve it in a responsible and professional manner.It was utterly touching!"

Very pleasant and professional

"When I was paying the renewal premium for the year, there were quite a number of matters which I had no clue at all. For examples: how to make the payment of the annual premium; how to make a telegraphic transfer of the premium; the points to note regarding the payment of the renewal premium; how to obtain the receipt of the renewal premium and so on. All these questions were properly resolved with the assistance of Abby from the Customer Service Hotline and I paid the renewal premium for the year successfully. Abby is an excellent example of your staff. She considers customers as her friends and serves them in a polite and sincere manner. She is highly responsible and professional. Apart from solving the problems in respect of premium payment, she listens to the needs of customers with patience and solves the problems with sympathy, which demonstrates that she puts customers’ concerns in the first place. I am very much satisfied with the service quality offered by such an excellent staff like Abby. I am truly grateful for that and would like to suggest your company to award Abby for her excellent service. Again, thank you so much, Abby! Thank you."

Caring Support

"Jeffrey from the Customer Service Hotline called me and explained to me the situation of my expired policy. He also guided me to make a change to my address so that all updated information will be delivered to me promptly. He is nice, courteous, helpful and friendly. I found this is the best services I have never come across before. Many thanks to Jeffrey."

Happy Experience

"Connie from the Customer Service Counter explained everything clearly and made the service very easy to understand. I could understand and communicate with her very well. Actually, I appreciate her service and help! It was an impressive experience and I am happy with the professional service. I obtained the service which I wanted quickly. The whole process took only several minutes."

Patience and Professional Support

"Roy from the Customer Service Hotline listened to my opinions patiently. Since I had to meet my financial consultant and sign a medical insurance policy at 1:30 p.m. on that day, Roy immediately contacted the financial consultant at the Tsim Sha Tsui branch to follow up for me. He always puts customer in the first place and I appreciate it very much. Meanwhile, Ms. Abby Fan from the Customer Service Hotline had been following up my case from the morning until noon time. She helped me with my problems patiently. It was about my wife’s medical policy. Upon my repeated and tedious enquiry calls, she did not show any impatience.  Instead, she provided me with very practical and professional advice. Her service was excellent. I appreciate such an excellent service from a company! "

Attentive to Customer’s Needs

"After knowing our needs, Martin from the Customer Service Counter proposed a better solution for us to handle the problem. Besides, he also further advised. This arrangement makes it more convenient for me in the future, and as a result my impression on the services provided by the insurance sector has much improved. This is a good experience to me. "

Service Excellence

"Maggie from the CustomerService Hotline helped me clarify my queries about the policy and replied to me point by point. The service she provided was excellent. She listened to my queries carefully, replied on time and answered my questions clearly. So I want to share such a fantastic experience to all. I hope that Maggie's professional attitude would set a positive example to all staff."

Sincere and Professional Service Attitude

"Mandy from the Customer Service Hotline is very kind and friendly. She handled my case with sincerity and professionalism, and helped me avoid any loss of protection that would otherwise have incurred by my unwise decision in haste."

Trust and Confidence

"I really appreciate the services provided by Heidi from the Customer Service Counter. In this time, it was urgent for me to withdraw my money from the fund, and Heidi’s smile and services made me know that I could have my trust in her for a proper solution. I appreciate her performance and her assistance very much!"

Attentive Service

"Gloria from the Customer Service Counter is very caring, passionate and amicable. From her service, I understand that we should learn from these Prudential staff when getting along with others. I am very happy with her professionalism."