Prudential's Latest Corporate Ad "Blur" Helping You Plan and See Clearly into Your Future


(Hong Kong, 23 July 2004) Today, The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ("Prudential") has launched a new campaign called "Blur" which aims to encourage Hong Kong people to seize opportunities in the face of uncertainty and plan proactively for a better future.

This series stretches from ideas of Prudential's corporate advertisement in 2003 "The Wall", which depicted the day-to-day worries and pressures of people left unheard thereby promoting the essence of listening and caring for others. The commercial won tremendous applause, endorsing and strengthening Prudential's credo, "Always Listening, Always Understanding".

The corporate advertisement, "Blur", includes a series of TV commercials bearing the theme, "Want to See More Clearly?" It aims to encourage Hong Kong people to plan ahead for different stages in life such as building a family, making education arrangements for children, and enjoying retirement.

Unlike traditional insurance advertisements, the series mostly employs blurred images, symbolizing the majority's view of the future. Advertisements planned for launch later will show clearer images, suggesting that should people seize the opportunity and plan thoroughly, they can "See More Clearly into the Future" and reach their goals, despite the uncertainties of life.

Innovative advertisements on the walls of MTR stations have also been incorporated into Prudential's latest campaign. Sharp contrasts of clear and blurred images on different sides of walls highlight our wish for Hong Kong to "See More Clearly into the Future". The advertisements will be seen on TV and in magazines and newspapers starting 23 July 2004. They will also appear on the walls of MTR stations throughout Hong Kong starting 28 July 2004.

Mr. Ken Ng, Marketing Director of Prudential, said, "We are glad to see the rebounding trend of the consumer confidence in Hong Kong. Prudential hopes that "Blur", our new corporate ad, will encourage Hong Kong people to plan for the future proactively and rebuild confidence. At the same time, we hope to accentuate our credo, 'Always Listening, Always Understanding', so that we can further assist our clients to determine their upcoming needs and goals, plan proactively and see more clearly into the future."