Prudential Launches 100% Refundable Crisis Cover A Double-edged Product for Customers


(Hong Kong, September 21, 2005) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited (“Prudential”) has announced the launch of 100% Refundable Crisis Cover, which caters for customers' needs in both critical illness protection and savings. After joining the plan, customers are entitled to a lump-sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of any one of the covered major diseases; or to obtain refunds of the premiums paid (less any advance payment) upon maturity. With this new product, every dollar of customers' premium will be utilized to its fullest.

100% Refundable Crisis Cover provides customers of age 16 to 60 with coverage for a wide array of 42 major diseases until aged 85. It takes care of customers' insurance needs after retirement. The plan not only covers the common diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke, it also protects customers against other diseases such as Severe Rheumatoid Arthritis, Brain Surgery and many more. Upon diagnosis of any one of the covered major diseases, customers will be paid a lump-sum cash benefit. In the cases of Coronary Angioplasty or gender-specific diseases (such as Carcinoma-in-situ of Breast, Cervix Uteri or Testicles), customers will be entitled to get an advancement of 20% of the sum assured.

The plan also takes account of disability coverage, life coverage and level premium with guaranteed renewability to safeguard the lifestyles of our customers and their beloved ones. Prudential also launches a PRUkid 100% Refundable Crisis Cover for children aged 1 to 15. It allows them to enjoy critical illness protection under a low and level premium to cope with unexpected medical expenses.

Ms. Marie Yung, Assistant Marketing Director said, 'Critical illness is no longer just an issue for the elderly. In line with Prudential's corporate credo of "Always Listening, Always Understanding", we understand that the young generation also wants sufficient protection against unexpected critical illnesses to support huge medical expenses; however, their priority goes to saving. 100% Refundable Crisis Cover provides customers with sound financial support. If customers suffer from the covered major diseases, they can recover sooner with this worry-free coverage. With the premium refund benefit, 100% of premiums paid (less any advanced payment) will be refundable upon policy maturity. In other words, customers can enjoy free coverage from this plan.'

Riding on the launch of 100% Refundable Crisis Cover, a large-scale advertising campaign will be rolled out to the public through radio, newspapers, magazines, buses, the MTR and the Internet starting from September 21. The advertisement is made up of multiple Chinese characters composed of “sick” radicals, which relays the message of many illnesses are still unknown by people. The public is reminded of the importance of preparations for individual's and family's needs for both critical illness protection and savings.

In response to customers support and to encourage them to take care of their health, Prudential is launching a “100% Premium Bird's Nest” customer promotion. Customers successfully enrolled in 100% Refundable Crisis Cover before October 31, 2005 will be rewarded with Eu Yan Sang Premium Bird's Nest (150g) worth HK$328. Should there be enquiries regarding the 100% Refundable Crisis Cover, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at 2281 1333.

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