Prudential Enhances Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan Extended range of premium options reflect increased longevity of Hong Kong people


(Hong Kong, November 23, 2006) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ("Prudential") today announced the enhanced Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan, which offers increased selections of policy and premium terms to help accommodate the increasing life expectancy of Hong Kong people. This also follows a strong customer response to the popular Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan launched last July.

In addition to the original fixed premium term of 12 or 15 years, this enhanced Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan offers customers highly flexible premium terms with an extended contribution age up to 55, 60 or 65 (age next birthday) respectively. What's more, the retirement income period can be extended to 20 years to accommodate the increasingly long retirement lives now common in Hong Kong. The plan enables customers to benefit from lower premium investment with a longer premium term. It is ideal for those at their younger ages who are new to retirement income planning with limited budgets.

"People in Hong Kong are increasingly conscious of the need of retirement income planning at their early ages. According to the Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department, the average life expectancy in Hong Kong in 2005 is 78.8 for male and 84.5 for female respectively, which indicates that people should ensure sufficient cash flow to support their lifestyle during the 15 to 20 years of retirement. As one of the leading providers of retirement solutions, Prudential is always listening to our customers and responding to their changing needs. The launch of Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan allows us the flexibility to serve a wider spectrum of customers, who are looking for strong stable returns and regular monthly income," said Mr. Kevin Wright, Chief Executive Officer of Prudential.

To provide further convenience and peace-of-mind, the Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan provides customers the option to select Hong Kong Dollars or US Dollars as the policy currency. Other key features and benefits include a monthly retirement income (comprising both guaranteed and non-guaranteed income) during the retirement income period, plus an one-off "Guaranteed Retirement Reward" and an one-off non-guaranteed "Bonus at Maturity" payable at the end of the premium and policy term respectively. The total benefits received may be at least double of the total premium payment, provided that premium payment is made by annual mode throughout the entire premium term.

As a token of appreciation for the support of the Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan, from now till 31 December 2006, customers who successfully apply for any plan with an annual premium amounts to HK$12,000 or above will be rewarded with double treats including Sogo Gift Certificate worth up to HK$5,000 as a "Shopping Gift", together with a box of Lucullus chocolate gift set as a "Festive Gift".

From 20 November onwards, an advertising campaign for this product has been rolled out via multi media channels including Cross Harbour Tunnel Billboard, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and bus shelters. Customers who are interested to know more about the Double Treasure Retirement Income Plan and the promotional offer are welcome to contact Prudential Customer Services hotline at 2281-1333 for more details.

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