Prudential introduces "Health is Wealth" The first insurance concept that rewards you for taking better care of yourself


(Hong Kong, July 10, 2006) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ("Prudential") introduces the "Health is Wealth" concept to encourage customers to live healthier lives. In recognition of the increasing need for people to live healthier lives, "Health is Wealth" offers special discounts and benefits, including reduced premiums, to customers who take steps to lead a healthier lifestyle. The "Health is Wealth" concept applies to two Prudential insurance products at the moment: PRUchoice HealthCare and PRUchoice Medical. Prudential also plans to extend this concept to more products in the upcoming future. This demonstrates once again that Prudential leads the insurance industry with its vision, expertise and innovation.

Prudential is always listening to the customers' needs and keeping up with the general health trends. Based on the Population Health Survey done in 2003/4 by the Hong Kong government, the Hong Kong population is leading a very sedentary lifestyle with long sitting time and inadequate level of physical activity.

"As the leading insurance policy provider, we are constantly looking for new avenues to encourage our customers to take care of their health and also promote the importance of physical activity and healthy eating habits." Mr. Leo Ma, General Manager of General Insurance & Employee Benefits of Prudential said, "The launch of the "Health is Wealth" concept rides on a similar incentive program pioneered by Prudential in UK. In an environment where people are spiraling into unhealthy lifestyle habits, everyone must be reminded that your health is your wealth."

"Health is Wealth" is a first-of-its-kind insurance concept that encourages customers to practice healthy living habits by exercising regularly, getting health checkups and taking preventative health measures. Clients with PRUchoice HealthCare insurance who participate in the "Health is Wealth" program are entitled up to 10% discount by committing to activities, such as: go to the gym regularly or get vaccinations.

"The features of the "Health is Wealth" concept are based on the physical activities that people should be doing on a regular basis. For customers who are already playing sports and going in for health checkups regularly, this package is an easy bonus for them. However, for those who are less committed, we hope that "Health is Wealth" motivate them to stay committed to being healthy. We are convinced that everybody needs encouragement and incentives and Prudential is here to reward them every step of the way," Leo commented.

Whereas, under the PRUchoice Medical insurance policy, clients who participate in the "Health is Wealth" program when recommended or referred by their attending doctor to get a diagnostic examination at the hospital, are eligible to receive reimbursement for the relevant expenses such as room and board expenses and examination fee. By rewarding clients with free diagnostic tests once symptoms appear Prudential is trying to educate people about how 'early treatment is good for recovery'.

Besides exercising and getting regular medical checkups, adopting healthy eating habits is also one of the key elements in leading a healthy lifestyle. A simple but useful Body Mass Index (BMI) self-evaluation test and healthy recipes recommended by nutritionists are also available for customers at Prudential's corporate website.

"Prudential's innovative efforts in developing products to promote a healthy lifestyle builds on the observation that being healthy is not only beneficial to people's personal health but also to corporations – benefiting the bottom line." Leo continued, "Employees who are healthier perform better with greater productivity, thus positively impact the overall work effectiveness of the organization. Sick days taken by employees directly translate into money and time costs for the employer. Companies must take part and create a work environment that supports healthier lifestyles and promote a healthy work environment. At Prudential, we will continue to cater for our customers' health by advocating the "Health is Wealth" concept."

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