Prudential Hong Kong introduces convenient new life plan with no medical underwriting requirement


(Hong Kong, 4 November 2010) In response to consumer demand for more convenient financial services, The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ('Prudential Hong Kong') has developed a new life insurance product which requires no medical underwriting or Health Declaration#1.

Evergreen Growth Saver is a whole life insurance plan available to any person aged 1-75#2 and is designed to offer customers convenience, flexibility, and peace of mind. Customers can pay for whole-life protection through one single premium payment, or through regular payments of five or 10 years. The plan also features regular bonus payments and allows customers to withdraw the cash value of bonuses#3 to support future financial needs.

"We understand that Hong Kong people value convenience and flexibility in their financial services, and we are delighted to meet those needs with this user-friendly life insurance product which features no medical underwriting requirement," said Mr. Paul Bedell, Chief Marketing Officer, Prudential Hong Kong. "Evergreen Growth Saver has been designed to help support a customer's future security through a life-long wealth accumulation plan, while respecting the fact that most customers find time to be a scarce resource---as such, this plan is easy to understand and easy to set up."

The new plan comes as Prudential Hong Kong promotes FamilyFirst, a campaign which highlights the importance of families and quality family time. FamilyFirst includes customer promotions, competitions and, through the end of November, sponsorship of a special twice daily segment entitled "Think‧FamilyFirst" on Commercial Radio 1.

For more information on Evergreen Growth Saver plan, customers are welcome to call the Prudential Hong Kong hotline on 2281 1333 or visit Prudential Hong Kong's website at


#1 Medical underwriting or filling in of Health Declaration is not required unless the aggregate annualised premium equivalent per Life Assured exceeds US$125,000. The calculation of aggregate annualised premium equivalent is 10% of the single premium and 100% of the annualised regular premium. Normal underwriting on any optional supplementary benefit(s) is required.
#2 The issue age of the Evergreen Growth Saver policy is 1-75 for single premium payment, 1-70 for 5-year premium term, and 1-65 for 10-year premium term (note: all of the above are based on age next birthday).
#3 Encashment of cash value of Reversionary Bonus will reduce the long-tem value of your policy. Special Bonus will be adjusted whenever the Reversionary Bonus is encashed, whether it is in whole or in part.



Special note to the editor:

Prudential plc (英國保誠集團), was established in the United Kingdom in 1848 and is headquartered in London. With its affiliated companies in the UK, the US and Asia, it constitutes one of the world's leading financial services groups.

Prudential plc is not affiliated or related in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc. (保德信金融集團), a company whose principal place of business is in the United States.

You and your reporters are cordially reminded to clearly differentiate between the two companies in your news reporting.

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