Hong Kong women spend more on appearance than health Survey shows there is a wide gap between intentions and actions when it comes to women’s health


(13 July 2011 - Hong Kong) Hong Kong women's spending behavior reveals a wide gap between their thoughts and their actions when it comes to health, according to a new research study#1 commissioned by The Prudential Assurance Company Limited, Hong Kong Branch ("Prudential Hong Kong").

According to a research#1 which examined the views and spending habits of Hong Kong women aged 20-45, the majority of female respondents in Hong Kong (94%) consider "Health" as more important than "Appearance". However, this priority is only reflected in the spending behaviour of 42% of women, with 58% of women spending more on appearance" than health. The contrast is greater in younger women and single ladies, with 65% of women in their 20s and 64% of non-married women spending more on their appearance than their health.

Prudential Hong Kong commissioned the research to listen to Hong Kong women's needs and respond to them by launching the Lady LiveWell plan, a supplementary healthcare benefit to enroll with our life insurance, crisis cover and medical insurance plans, helping women meet their goals of being well prepared financially and physically, and taking care of their well beings.

Prudential Hong Kong believes when women are healthy, they are better able to fully appreciate and enjoy life. The company is pleased to introduce Lady LiveWell, a solution that offers preventative healthcare and peace of mind through valuable support in cases of illness. In addition, Prudential Hong Kong has launched an unconventional advertising campaign, using the concept of a beauty advertisement to arouse interest of the female audience. The campaign aims to help women understand the importance of health and healthcare protection.

Lady LiveWell is a supplementary benefit dedicated to ladies between the ages of 19 and 55(age next birthday). It is attachable to a wide range of basic plans, including life insurance, crisis cover and medical insurance to enhance protection. This plan provides comprehensive protection up to the age of 100 (age next birthday)#2 on most covered diseases and medical procedures. It also offers a total coverage of up to 200% of the sum assured#3 on covered female illnesses, pre-cancerous diseases and medical procedures. A no-claim bonus#4 in the form of a 30% refund of premium paid for Lady LiveWell the preceding policy year is payable every 5 years up to the 20th policy anniversary. In addition, free medical check-ups#5 tailored for ladies is provided every two years to keep them alert about the status of their health.

In addition, Prudential Hong Kong is also offering the Lady LiveWell extra, an optional benefit to attach to Lady LiveWell, which provides comprehensive protection on pregnancy complications and childbirth benefit. Customers are able to add Lady LiveWell extra at any time up to the age of 40(age next birthday)#6 for pregnancy and childbirth coverage by paying additional premiums. This extra protection covers pregnancy complication benefit as well as congenital illness benefit#7.

To encourage Hong Kong women to translate their thoughts into actions, eligible customers who successfully apply for "Select Health and Protection Plans" on or before 31 August 2011, with the first year total annualised premium reaching the designated amount, will be rewarded with travel gift coupons and travel insurance coupons#8. Customers may visitwww.iwishiwill.hk or call customer service hotline 2281 1333 for more details.

#1 Prudential Hong Kong has appointed Synovate Ltd. To conduct a survey in May 2011. 300 women in Hong Kong aged 20 - 45 were interviewed.
#2 Lady LiveWell will terminate upon age 100 (age next birthday) of the Life Assured or the end of the benefit term of the basic plan, whichever is earlier. While the coverage on most covered diseases and medical procedures is up to age 100 (age next birthday), the coverage of Severe Osteoporosis under Female Illness Benefit is up to age 81 (age next birthday) and the coverage of Major Facial Plastic Surgery Due to Accidents and Skin Transplantation Due to Accidental Burning under Medical Procedure Benefit is up to age 61 (age next birthday) only.
#3 Lady LiveWell will be terminated once 200% of the Sum Assured of Lady LiveWell is paid. Lady LiveWell extra (if any) will also be terminated simultaneously.
#4 If any claim under Lady LiveWell becomes subsequently payable after a no claim bonus has been paid but was in fact incurred before the relevant policy anniversary, we shall set-off such bonus paid from the amount of claim payable.
#5 Free Medical Check-up and additional check-up are provided by a third party supplier appointment by Prudential Hong Kong. Prudential Hong Kong is not the service provider and shall not be liable in any way whatsoever in relation to the service quality related to the check-up. In response to possible medical advancement in the future, Prudential Hong Kong reserves the right to amend the Free Medical Check-up offered to customers.
#6 Lady LiveWell extra is for Life Assured age 19-40 (age next birthday). Its coverage is up to age 45 (age next birthday) or the end of the benefit term of the basic plan, whichever is earlier. It will also terminate once 100% of its sum assured has been paid.
#7 The covered child must have been born after 300 days from the effective date or reinstatement date of Lady LiveWell extra, whichever is later.
#8 The promotional offer is subject to relevant terms & conditions, please contact customer service hotline 2281 1333 for more details.

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