Prudential Hong Kong launches PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan and PRUmyhealth Zone Offers lifetime global medical protection and a unique online health assessment platform


(30 Nov 2012 – Hong Kong) The Prudential Assurance Company Limited ('Prudential Hong Kong') launches a new health protection plan, PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan (or the "Plan"), which offers comprehensive health protection with lifetime global coverage of up to HK$50,000,000 plus a cashless arrangement service for hospitalisation.

The Plan is tailored to customers who are looking for comprehensive health protection and a high quality of service and care. The cashless arrangement service is designed with the aim of relieving the life assureds from the burden of paying medical bills out of their pockets. By going through a simple authorisation process before the medical treatment, Prudential Hong Kong will settle all eligible medical expenses directly with the hospital after the treatment. Such service covers all private hospitals in Hong Kong and is available in most private hospitals of the cities around the world. In addition, Prudential Hong Kong also provides a 24-hour hotline to answer any questions regarding the cashless arrangement.

The Plan also offers lifetime guaranteed renewal of the policy regardless of any change in the life insured's health condition and claims history.

Pre-and post-hospitalisation services have become prevalent as a part of the medical treatment. To show our extra care to customers, the Plan provides extra benefits and services such as chemotherapy (including targeted therapy), radiotherapy and dialysis on both inpatient and outpatient basis, surgical fees of organ transplant on the life assured, pregnancy complications coverage, hospice care and 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance services.

Mr. Iain McConnachie, Chief Marketing Officer of Prudential Hong Kong, said, "In Hong Kong you can receive world-class healthcare treatment at private hospitals where the costs are not easily afforded by the general public. At Prudential, we understand customers wish to provide themselves and their families with the best possible health protection supported by the best service. PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan serves to provide the best healthcare treatment for our customers and enables them to enjoy true peace of mind at an affordable cost."

What's more, customers can top up their Plan with supplementary outpatient benefit, maternity benefit and dental benefit according to their individual needs. To offer additional flexibility, customers can reduce their existing annual deductible without having to undergo any medical underwriting once per lifetime at the policy anniversary that immediately follows their 55th, 60th or 65th birthday.

Customer Promotion: Customers who successfully apply for a new PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan from Prudential between 23 November and 31 December 2012 (both dates inclusive) for themselves or their family members1, will enjoy a refund of up to two months' paid basic premiums2. Also, eligible policies will be entitled to a refund of the first month's paid basic premium refund in the second policy year if the policy maintains a no claim record before 30 June 2014.

PRUmyhealth Zone – a unique online health assessment platform

In order to raise public awareness of healthcare and wellbeing, Prudential Hong Kong is also proud to launchPRUmyhealth Zone, a unique online platform which aims to bring its customers an entirely new approach to staying healthy. The platform will guide customers to go through a health assessment via a questionnaire covering various health categories such as family and medical history, lifestyle habits, biometric measurements and readings, eating habits and even stress. In around 15 minutes, users will receive a personal score, known as a Q Score®, showing the status of their health against people of the same age, race and gender.

To actively engage with people in this interactive and creative platform, Prudential Hong Kong is offering a one-month free trial access to the general public. From 23 November until 31 December 2012 (both dates inclusive), the first 1,000 visitors who successfully subscribe for a trial access of PRUmyhealth Zone can enjoy a free cup of short-size handcrafted beverage. People can visit PRUmyhealth Zone through or the below QR code to embark on their own interactive health journey on a first-come, first-served basis. 

The above information relating to the product, promotion and PRUmyhealth Zone are for general reference only; editors/reporters please refer to relevant product leaflet, policy documents, promotion leaflet and Company thematic website for the details of relevant terms and conditions. This press release is distributed in Hong Kong only.

1   Family policy refers to policy of PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan applied under the name of the same individual policyowner for himself/herself or his/her family members. Family members are defined as spouse and children aged 18 or below of the policyowner only. Other family relationships are not included.
2   Refund of premium is not applicable to any Supplementary Benefit(s), including Outpatient Benefit, Maternity Benefit and Dental Benefit that is/are attached to PRUmyhealth prestige medical plan.

Special note to the editor:

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Prudential plc is not affiliated or related in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc. (保德信金融集團), a company whose principal place of business is in the United States.

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