Prudential introduces new cancer protection insurance PRUmyhealth cancer protector offers financial support for advanced treatment and diagnostics in the fight against cancer


(26 September 2014 – Hong Kong) Prudential Hong Kong Limited ("Prudential") is pleased to introduce PRUmyhealth cancer protector, a medical insurance plan offering invaluable resources for fighting cancer, including lifetime reimbursement up to HK$6 million for diagnostic tests, advanced treatments and post-treatment monitoring.

Specifically designed for the Hong Kong market, PRUmyhealth cancer protector also covers the costs of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy conducted on an out-patient basis, which are usually not covered under traditional medical insurance plans.

According to the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, the risk of contracting cancer before age 75 is one in four for men and one in five for women1. "With a new cancer case diagnosed in Hong Kong every 20 minutes2 , it makes sense to take simple, cost effective steps to protect yourself financially from the impact of a cancer diagnosis," said Mr. Anthony Shaw, Chief Officer, Marketing & Customer Service for Prudential.

"The outlook for beating cancer is better than ever, thanks to advances in diagnostics and cancer therapies. However, advanced treatments can be very expensive. PRUmyhealth cancer protector allows patients to concentrate on their health, not their finances, when faced with a cancer diagnosis," said Mr. Shaw.

Customers keen to find out more about beating cancer and the role of insurance in critical illness protection can contact their Prudential financial consultant, call our hotline on 2281 1333 or visit or for more information.

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  2  Prudential's analysis on data extracted from the Hong Kong Cancer Registry, Hospital Authority: "Leading Cancer Sites in Hong Kong in 2011": rank_2011.pdf

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