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Who underwrites this product?

This product is underwritten by Prudential General Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

Who is The "Applicant"?

"The Applicant" - must be aged 18 or over, plan to own this policy, and will be responsible for all related premium costs.

Who are the "Insured Person(s)"?

"Insured Person(s)" are the intended beneficiary of the protection, one policy may consist of 1 - 4 "insured person(s)", and may represent the "applicant" and/or his family member(s). The "insured person(s)" are the ones who will enjoy related clinical services once application is approved. For child over 18, he/she should be the applicant of the application.

When I apply for myself and my family, should I be the "Applicant" or the "Insured Person"?

When you apply for your own protection, or for your and your family's protection under one policy, then you will be the "Applicant" and the "Insured Person" at the same time, and your family member(s) will be solely the "Insured Person(s)". In this situation, you will need to fill in your information under both the "Applicant" and "Insured Person(s)" sections.


You can also apply only for your family member(s), in that case you will only be the "Applicant", that means you will need to fill in your information under the "Applicant" section only.

Applying PRUchoice Clinic online, when will the coverage become effective?

Applying PRUchoice Clinic online, the coverage will become effective 14 days after the online transaction date, and no insurance will be effected until this application is approved and premium is collected.