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What is the procedure to surrender my policy?

Being an insurer who cares, we would like to alert you of the financial implications resulting from the termination of your policy. For example, you may loose significant benefits that you have accumulated over the years once you let your policy terminate. Apart from the potential financial implications, the incontestable period, waiting period and suicide clause may have to be re-counted even if you 'continue' your policy with another insurer.

Depending on the nature of your policies, there are various options that you could take depending on the type of policy you have. You have many options other than canceling your policy to meet your own personal needs. E.g. Reduce your cover, change premium payment, take a policy loan, cash your reversionary bonus, convert to paid-up and take a premium holiday etc.

We advise you to contact your financial consultant for assisting you to submit your request should you decide to do so. Alternatively, you could visit our Customer Service Centre for request submission. Another option is to send a completed Application For Change In Policy / Withdrawal form, signed by the policyowner, together with a copy of HKID or Passport (if no HKID) to us for processing.

Is there any interest for the PDA?

The current interest rate for USD policy and HKD policy is 0.10% per annum, all subject to change without notice.

Can I withdraw the deposit in PDA?

Sure. Please contact your financial consultant for filing the request or send us a written notification with the policyowner's signature.

When can I receive the anniversary statement?

It will be sent to you upon every policy anniversary. For investment link policies, Fund Trading Advice will be delivered in a quarterly basis.

I am going to reside abroad and would like to transfer my policy to your overseas office. What is the procedure?

Our policy provides you with worldwide protection and there's no need for you to transfer the policy to the overseas office. All you have to do is to notify us of your latest correspondence address such that all correspondences will be directed there. Please be rest assured that we will render professional services to you wherever you are.

What form should I fill-out in order to change my correspondence address and contact phone number?

Simply notify your financial consultant and he/she will follow up the case for you. Alternatively, you can mail or fax the request with your signature specimen to us for handling.

Will my policy become ineffective if I lose the policy contract?

No. The policy will be inforce as long as renewal premium is received within one calendar month.

How to apply for a duplicate policy contract?

Please complete a Declaration of Loss of Policy and Indemnity Form and return with a handling fee of HKD150.00. Another option is to issue a Policy Schedule which is free of charge.

What is Reduced Paid Up (RPU) Insurance?

Should the company fail to receive the premium due after grace period, we will convert the policy to RPU, provided policy values have been accumulated, in accordance with the contract provisions. All riders attached to the policy will be temporarily ceased until policy reinstatement. Once the policy is converted to RPU, the sum assured of the basic plan will be re-calculated but the benefit term will remain unchanged.

How to apply for policy revival?

Please fill in the Application for Change in Policy Form (with health questionnaire), together with the revival premiums and return to the Company. Late fee will be charged if lapsation is more than three months.

Direct Debit Authorization is required (bank account or credit card) in case it was cancelled/stopped. 

The Company may require customers to perform medical examination at client's expense or provide medical evidence. Please contact your Financial Consultant for details.

How to apply rider addition?

Please fill in the Application for Change in Policy Form (with health questionnaire), together with required premiums and return to the Company. Customers may contact his/her Financial Consultant for details of additional coverage and relevant cost. The Company may require customers to perform medical examination at client’s expense or provide medical evidence.

How to raise my feedback?

Please let us know your feedback by sending an email, fax or post to our Customer Service Department. Upon receipt of the feedback, we will follow up with you shortly.


Prudential Hong Kong Limited - Customer Service Department
Mail: P.O. Box No. 28058, Gloucester Road Post Office, Hong Kong
Fax: +852 2977 1233
Email: service@prudential.com.hk


We understand that we may not always be able to reach an agreement on your case. If you are not satisfied with our response, please tell us on the contact details above or you may contact the relevant organizations listed below for assistant:


Insurance Authority
Mail: 19th Floor, 41 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 3899 9983
Fax: +852 3753 3812
Email: complaints@ia.org.hk

The Insurance Complaints Bureau
Mail: 29/F, Sunshine Plaza, 353 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 2520 2728
Fax: +852 2520 1967
Email: icb.enquiry@icb.org.hk

Insurance Agents Registration Board
Mail: 29/F, Sunshine Plaza, 353 Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 2520 1868
Fax: +852 2520 1967
Email: hkfi@hkfi.org.hk

The Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers
Mail: Room 3407, AIA Tower, 183 Electric Road, Fortress Hill, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 2882 9943
Fax: +852 2890 2137
Email: info@hkcib.org

Professional Insurance Brokers Association
Mail: Room 2507- 8, 25/F., China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Central, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 2869 8515
Fax: +852 2770 2372
Email: info@piba.org.hk

Below are applicable to Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme (VHIS) only
Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme Office of Food & Health Bureau
Mail: Unit 2902, Millennium City 6, 392 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 2529 8900
Fax: +852 2529 8982
Email: vhis_enqiry@fhb.gov.hk
Inland Revenue Department
Mail: Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Hotline: +852 187 8088
Fax: +852 2519 9316
Email: taxinfo@ird.gov.hk