FAQ > Policy Loan

Can I apply for a cash loan against my policy?

Yes, the maximum loan amount is 80%/90% (the percentage varies of different products) of the accumulated policy values, less the outstanding indebtedness. You are always welcome to contact your insurance consultant for a quotation.

When can I receive my loan cheque?

It usually takes 10 working days for processing the loan application.

Is there any interest on the cash loan?

Yes. The current interest rate is 8% per annum and is subject to change without notice.

How to repay the loan?

You could repay the whole or partial loan at any time while the policy is inforce by sending us a crossed cheque / cash / Payment by ATM (JETCO), with policy number and a remark of 'loan repayment' stated on the reverse side of the cheque. Alternatively, you are most welcome to visit our Customer Service Centre for repaying the loan.