Protection Solution For
High Net Worth Individuals

Your success and prestigious status can be demonstrated not only by possessing great fortune but also by wisely protecting, growing and passing on your assets. Our legacy planning and health protection solution helps you to preserve your wealth and protect against unforeseeable risk, offering you better control over your assets, whether for generations to come or for business continuation.

Legacy Planning Solution Protection Solution Prestige Membership Service
Legacy Planning Solution Legacy Planning Solution Protection Solution Protection Solution Prestige Membership Service Prestige Membership Service

Protect your loved ones and your financial success

Savings and protection are essential elements of financial success. PRUlife saver is for those who want to build long-term wealth while protecting their family’s finances against mishap.


Health is Wealth. Our medical care and critical illness protection solution provides you with comprehensive protection on this valuable “asset” of you.

We provide prestige services and benefits specially tailored to suit your needs