PRUlink single premium investment plan (the "Plan") is a single premium whole-life investment-linked insurance plan denominated in US Dollar, specially designed for life assured aged from 1 to 60 (age next birthday). 

You can start the Plan by paying a minimum single premium of US$10,000, whilst the maximum amount of single premium allowed will be subject to underwriting requirements.

PRUlink single premium investment plan is offered by Prudential Hong Kong Limited ("Prudential"). Your investment under the Plan is subject to the credit risks of Prudential. The Plan is classified under Class C linked long-term business, as defined in the Insurance Companies Ordinance. It is not a fund authorised by the Securities and Futures Commission ("SFC") pursuant to the Code on Unit Trusts and Mutual Funds ("UT Code").  

Product Information

Please click here to download the Product Brochure.

Investment involves risk. Please refer to the Offering Document of PRUlink single premium investment plan, including Product Key Facts Statement, Product Brochure and Summary Information for Investment Choices for details.