Enjoy extra flexibility to add protection at different stages of life with 5% yearly cashback

PRUcash XPO is a different kind of endowment insurance. Unlike other ordinary insurance plans, you can get the cash out of your policy sooner. You will receive a Yearly CashBack equivalent to 5% of the sum assured annually (starting from the end of the 2nd policy year), and in the meantime, you can enjoy life and disability protections. What's more, in case you have stepped into a new stage in life following special events such as marriage or childbirth, you will have a privileged option to increase your protection and provide for the additional responsibility while enjoying a guaranteed insurability. Now with PRUcash XPO, you'll know that effective saving can be hassle-free!

PRUcash XPO at a glance

Please also refer to our brochure on With-Profits plans available at www.prudential.com.hk/withprofits for information (such as investment philosophy and bonus philosophy) on your With-Profits plan and the operation of a With-Profits Fund.

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