Looking after every stage of your life with whole life protection, retirement saving and legacy planning

You can never control what will happen in the next stage of your life, but you can make sure you are prepared to face it. PRULife Protector II offers whole-life and accidental death cover to protect your family should the worst happen. It also helps you save for your retirement and lets you leave a legacy to support your goals at each stage of your life. And, should the policyholder unfortunately pass away because of an accident, we pay their future premiums to keep protecting their family.

Plan highlights

PRULife Protector II offers whole-life and accidential death cover, while also helping with Hong Kong retirement planning to keep your family protected.
Please also refer to our brochure on With-Profits plans available at www.prudential.com.hk/withprofits for information (such as investment philosophy and bonus philosophy) on your With-Profits plan and the operation of a With-Profits Fund.

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