Term Life Insurance

  • PRUTerm Family Protector

    As a breadwinner, there is real peace of mind knowing your family is financially secure should the worst happen to you. Leave it to us to protect them with affordable, substantial life cover - PRUTerm Family Protector that you can reinforce as your commitments grow, perhaps as you welcome a new child or plan for a new home. And when you want to extend your cover, we guarantee to convert your policy to a new whole-life insurance plan with cash value without the need to give us any health information.

  • Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II

    Providing a home for your family is an important goal in life. However, no matter how well you plan ahead, things beyond your control may happen. Prudential understands this and so we have specially designed the Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II to help you protect your comfortable home.

    Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II at a glance

    • Home protection for extra peace of mind
    • Pay what you need
    • Flexible choices
    • Advanced life protection to become living benefit