• Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II

    Providing a home for your family is an important goal in life. However, no matter how well you plan ahead, things beyond your control may happen. Prudential understands this and so we have specially designed the Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II to help you protect your comfortable home.

    Mortgage Life Assurance Plan II at a glance

    • Home protection for extra peace of mind
    • Pay what you need
    • Flexible choices
    • Advanced life protection to become living benefit
  • Term Series

    You work hard to fulfill your dreams and goals, but have you ever stopped and thought about what would happen to your family should the worst happen? An untimely death could leave a family financially in debt and children’s prospects uncertain. We listen to you and understand your worries. That’s why we have specially designed a series of term assurance plans at a highly affordable premium to meet your needs at different stages of life.

    Term Series highlights

    • Protect your loved ones against mishaps
    • Gain the most protection from your premium dollar
    • Easily convert your policy with guaranteed insurability
    • Enjoy flexibility with a wide range of premium options
    • Widen your safety net with optional benefits