Leave a lasting legacy

PRUuniversal life wealth planner helps you grow, preserve and pass your assets on to your loved ones. It is a whole-life insurance plan that enables you to distribute your wealth as you desire or secure the future of your business.

Plan highlights

PRUuniversal life wealth planner - Earn interest on your premiums
Earn interest on your premiums
PRUuniversal life wealth planner - Provide greater liquidity of cash
Provide greater liquidity of cash
PRUuniversal life wealth planner - Control how you pass on your assets
Control how you pass on your assets
PRUuniversal life wealth planner - Death benefit to protect your family
Death benefit to protect your family
PRUuniversal life wealth planner - Secure the future of your business
Secure the future of your business

During the sales process, this document should be read in conjunction with the relevant product brochure. For full terms and conditions, and risk disclosures of the relevant insurance plan, please refer to relevant product brochure and policy document and read carefully.

Determining crediting interest rates

  • Premiums of PRUuniversal life wealth planner policies are pooled and invested in a diversified investment portfolio (“underlying assets”) with the majority invested in fixed income securities.
  • Policyholders of PRUuniversal life wealth planner enjoy returns through two crediting interest rates – New Money Crediting Interest Rate and General Crediting Interest Rate. Both crediting interest rates will not be lower than the relevant Minimum Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate for added protection against extreme market conditions.
  • We determine and declare the crediting interest rates at our discretion and therefore they are not guaranteed.
- New Money Crediting Interest Rate
  The rate is fixed on the Premium Settlement Date when we issue your policy or on the date of each premium you pay.
  We will apply this rate to your respective account value for the first 12 months after each premium settlement.
  The rate is influenced primarily by prevailing market interest rates.
- General Crediting Interest Rate
  We will apply this rate to your respective account value from the 13th month after the Premium Settlement Date of each premium you pay.
  The rate is variable and influenced primarily by the following two factors:
    1. The performance of the underlying assets
      Policyholders receive a share of the investment returns of the investment portfolio, net of allowance for profits attributable to our shareholders. In general, returns in a fixed income portfolio arise from the two key elements: the changing market value of the fixed income securities; and the interest (“coupon”) earned by those securities:

  • The market value of fixed income securities generally moves in the opposite direction to market interest rates, meaning the value may fall in a rising interest rate environment and rise in a falling interest rate environment.
  • The coupon of the portfolio depends on the coupon rates of the individual securities in the portfolio and the maturity dates of the fixed income securities.
      The performance of the investment portfolio relative to the policy’s account value influences our decision to declare its General Crediting Interest Rate.
    2. Capital inflows to the portfolio
      Our experienced fund managers pool customer premiums to build the investment portfolio. The size and timing of the money flowing in (capital inflow) or out (capital outflow) of the pool may impact investment performance. For example, under a high interest rate environment, bigger capital inflows would allow fund managers more opportunity to lock-in higher rate fixed income securities while smaller capital inflows during that period would offer fund managers less opportunity to lock in those higher rate investments.
      Additionally, to provide a more consistent investment return for our policyholders, we may retain returns during periods of better investment performance to support higher Crediting Interest Rates during periods of weaker performance. This mechanism creates a more stable return for customers with reduced short-term volatility.
- Minimum Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate
  We fix the rate applicable to your Scheduled Premium when we issue your policy.
  For each Lump Sum Additional Premium you pay, the applicable Minimum Guaranteed Crediting Interest Rate will be the prevailing rate declared at the time of each relevant premium you pay.
  Once this relevant rate is in effect, we will apply it to each of your premium payments. This rate will be guaranteed and apply throughout the policy term.
  The rate is designed to weather a persistently low interest rate environment and is mainly influenced by prevailing market interest rates and the volatility of such interest rates.

We have the right to review and adjust the applicable Crediting Interest Rates at our discretion. In order to ensure that declaration of Crediting Interest Rates is fair to all policyholders, and any conflict of interest between the policyholders and the shareholders is managed, we have established a dedicated committee to provide independent advice on the management of the Universal Life business.


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Prudential has the right to accept or decline any application based on the information provided by the policyholder and/or life assured in the application.

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