"Hospital-to-Prudential" Digital Claims Portal



Prudential has launched “Hospital to Prudential”, a new hassle-free claims journey in 2018. We are pleased to announce that our Hospital-to-Prudential (H2P) claim service has been expanded to Union Hospital Shatin since May, 2019! The hassle-free claims journey would be:

  • Before admission, customers may contact their financial consultants to use the H2P service. The financial consultant will assist customer to complete and sign the claim form on our digital platform. After successful submission, an SMS with H2P reference number will be sent to the customer’s mobile phone number simultaneously.
  • Upon admission, customer should present the H2P reference number to the hospital admission staff to activate the H2P process. If customer has forgotten the reference number, the H2P process can also be activated by his/her ID card number that is registered on our policy record.
  • After discharge, the hospital will encrypt and send the claims application and related medical documents to Prudential directly. Customer is no longer required to submit claims application and original receipts to Prudential again, which simplifies the claims process.

The H2P claim service will enhance the efficiency of the entire claims process.

At Prudential, we are fully committed to our credo “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.” Through listening and understanding, it demonstrates our commitment to always putting customers first, delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions to support their evolving needs, while making engagement easier for today’s digitally-savvy customers.


For more information, please see here.