Prudential 170th Anniversary Lucky Draw




Terms & Conditions


1. Prudential 170th anniversary Lucky Draw (the “Lucky Draw”) is organized by Prudential Hong Kong Limited (“Prudential”). Promotion period covers the period from 9 October to 31 December 2018 23:59:59, both dates are inclusive (“Promotion Period”).

a) The following users will automatically enter the Lucky Draw:
● All existing users of “myPrudential Life Insurance” (“myPrudential”); and
● All new users of myPrudential whose account were successfully activated during Promotion Period.

b) Two rounds of Lucky Draw will be conducted:
● Anyone fulfilling clause 1(a) on or before 17 November 2018 will enter Round 1 Lucky Draw.
● Anyone fulfilling clause 1(a) on or before 31 December 2018 will enter Round 2 Lucky Draw.
● All participants of Round 1 Lucky Draw (no matter win or not) will automatically enter Round 2 Lucky Draw on cumulative basis.

c) 170 winners will be drawn from each round of lucky draw. Total 340 winners will be drawn from 2 rounds of lucky draw. Each winner will receive HK$10,000 shopping coupon.

d) Trade Promotion Competition Licence Number: 51184.

2. All staff members, consultants of Prudential Hong Kong Limited and their direct family members are not eligible to participate in the Lucky Draws.

3. Round 1 Lucky Draw will be conducted on 30 November 2018 and Round 2 Lucky Draw will be conducted on 16 January 2019. Winners will be drawn randomly by the computer system. Results of the Lucky Draw will be posted on Prudential’s corporate website and published in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard on 10 December 2018 and 25 January 2019 respectively in Hong Kong. On the date of conducting Lucky Draw, winners of the Lucky Draw must be policyowners of Prudential’s in-force individual life insurance policy(ies) and valid users of the myPrudential (subject to Prudential’s determination and final decision). Otherwise, the respective winners will be disqualified without further notice.

4. Winner notification & prize redemption letter with redemption details will be sent together by post on or before 31 December 2018 for Round 1 Lucky Draw, and on or before 15 February 2019 for Round 2 Lucky Draw, to the winner’s correspondence address in Hong Kong in Prudential’s record. If the correspondence address is not within Hong Kong, the redemption letter will be delivered to winner by Financial Consultant / Broker / representatives of Prudential. The redemption letter will not be reissued if it is lost or damaged for any reason.

5. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash and must be collected in Hong Kong during the specified prize collection period. If a winner does not collect nor timely collect the prize for any reason, he/she will be disqualified without further notice and the prize will be considered as forfeited.

6. Subject to the prescribe consent from the winners, Prudential will use their personal details for the purposes of postage, communication and prize redemption for the Lucky Draw.

7. Prudential is not the manufacturer/supplier of the prizes under the Lucky Draw. Prudential will not be responsible/liable for any problems regarding the quality and the use of the prizes. The use of the prizes is subject to the terms and conditions imposed thereon by the individual manufacturer/supplier. Prudential shall not be responsible/liable in any way whatsoever in relation to any matters arising from including but not limited to the quality of the products.

8. In case of dispute, Prudential shall have the absolute right of final decision.

9. Prudential reserves the right to verify the identity of winners again after the publication of the results of the Lucky Draw. In case of disputes, Prudential's decision in this regard shall be final.

10. If users do not wish to participate in the Lucky Draw, please inform Prudential by email to [email protected]